12 Interesting Facts About Rats

A to Z facts about rats
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It is a fact of life that rats are among our natural enemies.  A lot of people shriek at the site of them, much more if they infest our homes.  Unfortunately, no matter how much we shriek or cringe at whenever we see them, they will always go wherever humans go.  They depend on us for their food.  They inhabit our homes to eat.  They are also highly adaptable because they can survive any place on this planet, save for Antarctica.  The damage they cause to human health is enormous, that is why they are such pests to all of us.

Despite this, there are some interesting facts about these pests.  Here are 12 interesting facts about rats that you might want to know:

  • The rats being kept as pets and in the labs belong to the group called Norway rats. These Norway rats are inbred for many generations so that they can produce strains that consist of nearly identical individuals which may carry similar traits.
  • They can survive without drinking any water. They can actually survive 20 days without it.  They can get their water from the food they eat.
  • In the United States, the most rat-infested city is Chicago, followed by New York City. Washington D.C. comes in at third.
  • Rats are highly intelligent animals. They are more intelligent than rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and gerbils.  They have great episodic memory.  Once they learn a direction or path to let us say their nest, they will never forget it.  As for pet rats, they recognize their owner much as a dog or cat would.
  • Rats are capable of reproducing every three weeks. A newborn rat can breed as soon as they reach 5 weeks of age and can do so for two years.  This is the reason it is so hard to eradicate rats.
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  • Rats are very emotional. They can feel loneliness.  They get sad when they lose a loved one, or when they do not have a mate, or when they are caged.
  • But they laugh too. Their laughs are high – pitched sounds.  This happens when they are playing.  When they get tickled, they giggle instead.
  • Rats are infamous for chewing on anything. That is why they leave our homes in a terrible state, chewing on cardboard, papers, boxes, and food!  Well, it turns out that the reason they do this is that their incisors constantly grow longer.  The reason they do this is that their incisors are constantly growing. Gnawing prevents it from growing longer.
  • Rats love company. They always live in social groups.  They play as a group and sleep curled up beside one another.
  • Rats are very inquisitive. They like to investigate but are not confrontational.
  • Rats are good swimmers. They can swim through drains and pipes and can hold their breath underwater for 3 minutes.
  • Rats are gods, at least in some countries. In India, they are offered milk and grains inside the Karni Devi Temple, where the number to about 15,000.
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These fun facts should never take away the fact that they are dangerous to have around at home. The good news there are many pest control companies especially in Lake Norman you can hire to handle every rat trouble.

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