12 Ways to Beautify Your Home

12 Ways to Beautify Your Home


Are you staying in your new condo? Or still living in your house somewhere around the Metro? Well, wherever you might be living in right now, this post is for you. Time to bid goodbye to the dull and boring home styles. It is time to step up your game!

Here are 12 cheap and easy to do things for all of us to beautify our homes:


Start with your house number

Let us begin with the basic and what people will notice first – your house number. Though the city government, condo developer give house number cards, it would be nice to have one of your own choices. No need to buy new ones, if you can do it yourself or DIY.


Use floor mats

Welcome your guests with clean and beautiful floor mats. Make them feel at home from their very first step. Also, don’t forget to put one in your kitchen and your bathroom (especially if your washroom is inside your house). It helps you maintain a neat home.


Redesign your shelves

Whether it is for your books, magazines, bags and other collections, you might want to restyle your shelves. Instead of having them in a vertical position, if possible, maybe you can have them in horizontal or slant (if only possible!). Try to repaint as well to add some colors and flavor to it.


Invest in good lighting

I cannot stress any further the importance of having good lighting at home. Not for picture taking (well, yes point taken) but also for the necessity of having a well-lit house. Invest in LED lights and lamps. It will also be cool to have some dim lights in place!


Get comfy and fluffy mattresses

Who would not love to rest in a very comfortable and relaxing bed after a very tiring day, right? Make sure that your mattresses, bed or cushion, even blanket included, helps you chill. Aside from having them for your own comfort, it would be easier for you to invite your friends for sleep over knowing that you got them pampered with your fluffy bed.

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Décor your windows

If you are gifted with huge windows, maximize that opportunity to flaunt your designing skills! Give your home nice and flowy curtains. You may also add a painting on the side, or maybe lamps to amplify lights – do whatever you think will best suit your place.


Upgrade your bathroom

Alright, upgrading your bathroom does not mean we will overhaul it. Maybe you can start changing your shower head to a more cost-effective or better one, your sink or faucet needs some redesigning, the tiles are already crying for extensive cleaning, the mirror also. Spend a minute or two to check what your bathroom needs.

Put mirrors

Having mirrors scattered around the place is good, but do not overdo it as it can also appear to be little creepy. Aside from putting mirrors in your bedroom and washroom, maybe you want to explore on placing one in the kitchen – a big one! Make sure to put it somewhere strategically where it will make your kitchen appear a little bit bigger.


Have a couple of house plants

True enough, nature brightens up our world. Why not have a couple of house plants inside your condo in Makati Philippines ? Choose something that doesn’t require too much light or that is low maintenance. We know that not all rooms are well-lit, so you have to make sure your baby plants will get enough nutrients they need to survive.


Hang pictures and other memorabilia

Play around your house and start hanging or sticking some of your pictures, alone or maybe with friends and family. Seeing them at random times of the day will hopefully make you feel better. Also, display your collectibles or memorabilia! Show how keen you are in collecting stuff, not only to your visitors but also to serve as a reminder to yourself.

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Stock your cleaning materials properly

Oh, yes! Nothing beautifies a house more than stocking cleaning materials properly. Make sure that your stuff is well organized, including your broom, dustpan, garbage bins and whatnot. It is not because you are ashamed for the people to see your dirty things, but isn’t it eye soring to see shambolic things?


Repaint if necessary

Lastly, if you have any excess paint enough to cover things that you know need some repainting, go for it. Consume and buy only what is necessary. You don’t have to spend too much if not needed. On the other hand, if you will be buying new paint, make sure that will be closing the lid or stocking them properly so as not to waste them, and you can use them soon again.



See! Home improvement or redesigning does not have to be expensive. There are lots of ways aside from what we have written here. You can also check some tips and tricks online, and they are even available in different social media. But of course, before you do one or more from our suggestions or wherever you will be seeing, inspect and assess your house first. Maybe it is already astonishing and only needs extra cleaning.

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