3 Best Tips When You are travelling to China


China is a beautiful country that has over 5,000 years of history. In the last few decades, China has become one of the hottest study and travel destinations in the world today. There are many airlines that offer flights to China each day. Travelling to China can be very exciting, but you should make sure that you are ready for your trip. Here are some tips for when you are travelling to China.

  1. Bring Your Electronic Translator or Dictionary

China is the most populated country in the world with over 1.4 billion people living there. The main language spoke in China is Mandarin Chinese. However, many people also speak English since it is a mandatory class in school.

Even with the millions of people in China who speak English, you should still have a translation app or a dictionary to make sure that you can communicate with people. Most Chinese people are friendly with foreigners and will take the time to try to understand what you are asking.

  1. Avoid Buying Electronics at any Electronics Market, Unless You Are Looking for a Novelty Item

China is not like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea or Japan. While China is where most electronics are made, you should avoid buying any electronics unless you speak Mandarin well or want a novelty item.

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Due to shoddy intellectual rights, cheap labour, and huge amounts of piracy, there are hundreds of markets that are selling gadgets for cheap. Nearly every popular device on the market has been duped, and most of the fake/knock-offs simply does not work like the original ones.  However, if you want a novelty device, you can still buy them. You could have problems with customs on the way home, so you may want to be careful about what you buy.


  1. Know Where Your Belongings Are at and What Is Going on Around You

Most parts of China are very safe because the worst common crimes are theft and pick-pocketing. If you are taking public transportation, you should move your belongings to your front and make sure you have a firm grasp. This means that you should be holding onto the bag part and not just the handles. Many thieves are known to cut the strap and pull on the bag to remove it from the owner.

You should also never let anyone help you with your items, especially in popular tourist areas. You should also never follow anyone. The most common traps are tea houses and lady bars, so if anyone asks you if you want to visit one, you should ignore them.

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If you are visiting popular tourist areas and see a lot of soldiers, do not pour water over you. This is because many protesters and dissenters of the government would use water bottles to transport gasoline and pour it over their heads to set themselves on fire. If it is hot, you should use a cloth pre-soaked with water or find another way of cooling off.

The above tips do not relate to Macau, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. These areas are not a part of mainland China, so they have their own laws and regulations. You can easily travel to these areas because most airlines have them listed with their flights to China.

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