5 best industrial furniture and décor of 2017

5 best industrial furniture and home décor of 2017


Industrial style décor brings to mind the image of a warehouse or a factory. The machine-like quirky design is the trade mark of industrial furniture that adds the element of interest to the home decor. Industrial furniture can revamp the look of your home from ordinary looking to a ware house i.e. completely exchanging it with the vintage mid-century modern look. Unlike the modern furniture, the industrial furniture is within your budget and blends with modern statement pieces to give your home a balanced mid-century modern look. So, 2017 is the year to go for vintage collection and instead of approaching the brands, find some time to visit the flea house as it can prove to be the right target for you and you never know you find something delightful and according to your taste. This article will enlist five best industrial furniture for your home décor.


  1. Industrial Table

A wooden top connected with casters make the best industrial table that gives a quirky and mechanical look to your home décor. Use of casters on any furniture piece looks extraordinary they give your coffee table, center table and side table mobility and an instant industrial look that adds a wow factor to your home décor. So, if you are looking for a table then a table with casters is the best option, it’s a beautiful thing to include in your home.

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  1. Industrial Seating

Industrial seating usually includes wooden chairs with metal legs. These seats blend exceptionally well with the décor of your home and give it a sophisticated look. Their metal legs and minimalist design portrays functional and down to earth style that make them the best option to include in your home décor for the year 2017. Accent chairs are also an excellent option as they can complete the look of your bedroom or living room with their unique and trendy designs.


  1. Bedroom Desk

A bedroom looks incomplete without a bedroom desk. A bedroom desk can be used for multi purposes, such as keeping your books, laptop, and some décor items. Therefore, it should be something that attracts instant attention and uplifts the vibe of your room. A table made up of steel pipes, and wooden planks can give you an industrial look you desire. Your bedroom is your personal space so you should decorate it according to what seems pleasing to the eye.

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  1. Industrial lights

Before setting to buy décor accessories, brain storming regarding the recent décor trend is very much necessary for the ones who are planning to renovate their room according to latest trends. Hanging industrial lights illuminate your home and give it an expensive and glamorous look. They look equally great hung in groups or alone.


  1. Industrial Shelves

Shelves created by natural wood and metal can be used as storage spaces and can give a touch of an industrial look to your home. The best thing about their style is that you can easily make them yourself at home if you don’t want to spend money on buying them.

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