5 Efficient Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in summers

The long and hot summers are incredibly tossing and unforgiving. There is no fun in doing a few things in an air-conditioned room every time. Drenching in a sweat and stuck to the sheets or trying to relax in a humid months make you feel that you are in the seventh circle of hell. You can’t even survive in the hot and sultry environment without the air conditioners.

But, do you think that sitting in an air-conditioned room all the time makes a right solution? Obviously, not! First of all, air conditioners are neither environment-friendly nor they fit in your budget. Moreover, breathing the dry air pushed in by the air conditioners isn’t as healthy as it seems to be.

So, is there any other alternative to the keep the home cool in summers? To help you out, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that will plunge your home’s temperature without many efforts.

5 Efficient Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in summers

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Keep the blinds closed during the day and Open the windows at night

Up to 30 percent of the heat enters the home from the windows via the greenhouse effect. The use of curtains and shades can lower the indoor temperatures by 20 degrees and also allow you to save 7 percent on bills.

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To make this action more effective, opt for light-hued blinds that will reflect all the sun’s heat rather than absorbing.

Keep the windows and doors open once the sunsets. You will be surprised to see how quickly the restored warm air from the house will get replaced with cool and refreshing air.

Go For Window Tinting

Believe it or not, but Georgia professional window tinting film reflects the sun’s heat and glare. It doesn’t allow the sunlight to enter your home through windows. The window tinting keeps the temperature even throughout the home all day long.

5 Efficient Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in summers

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Be smart with your gardening

More greenery leads to the coldest temperature. Grow shady trees, vines, and shrubs on east and west side of your home to block the sunlight. The plantation of trees and other plants will not only keep the surrounding temperature good. It will also add beauty and color to your property.

5 Efficient Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in summers

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Manage the electric appliances

Doesn’t matter how much environment-friendly or economic friendly light bulbs you are using, but they create heat. So, keep your electronic devices off when they are not in use. The emission of heat from these devices keeps the home temperature hot. Thus, turn off the switches as they will not only keep the temperature fine but will also save your money.

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Opt for linen and cotton sheets

Use light-hued linen or cotton bedspreads rather than silk or satin as they will reflect the heat instead of sopping up it. As the upholstery fabric is thick and makes you sweaty. The smoothness of linen and cotton has the soft texture that will provide you coolness.


To make your summers pleasant and enjoyable, follow these tips to get rid of warmer temperature in your home.


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