5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose Steel-Framed Kit Homes

5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose Steel-Framed Kit Homes

Almost all Australians are fully aware that kit homes are the way to go. Kit homes are much easier to build and you can even do it yourself, piece by piece, it can also be tailored according to your own demands. Compared to traditional build homes, they are less expensive. When choosing a kit home, the Australian homeowners’ choice is steel frame kit homes. Steel frames have so many benefits and below are some of the main reasons why you should opt for it.


Structural Strength

Steel by nature is a high-quality construction material, it has a remarkable superior strength to weight ratio of any building material. It won’t rot, bend, break, or creep and it does not expand or contract when affected by moisture content.


If you choose a steel frame, your home will be built with straight walls and square corners. You won’t find any aggravating nail pops or drywall cracks. Steel frames are versatile that it can also make popular finishes like stucco, stone, brick or siding.


Fire Safety

Every home has a Bushfire Attack Level rating depending on your area and location. But whichever location you are at, it’s better to be preventive when it comes to fire. The biggest problem with a house fire is the rapidity with which it can spread. Fire is likely to be susceptible to wood framing, it can act as fuel that can multiply the expansion of fire to the house.


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The best thing about steel is that it will not supply as a fuel to a fire. If a fire does start in a steel-framed home, it will have a hard time to spread from the area of the origin. So it’s better to use steel frames to avoid further loss and damage ignited by fire to your home.


Mold Prevention

Poor indoor air quality may result to mold and can even cause respiratory ailments in the long run. Steel framing actually hinders for molds to grow in the areas and corners of your house.


For molds to grow, it will require an organic substance such as wood to grow and develop. Steel is an inorganic material so mold cannot thrive on it. It’s healthier and offers a more comfortable living environment.


Fights Termite

Steel frames are resistant to termites and if you use other materials especially wood framing, it might cause you to shed millions of dollars in damage to your home. Termites wreak havoc, they will chew through wood framing resulting in a weaker foundation of a home. Steel framing will help you preserve the structural integrity of the foundation of your home, giving it years of protection and longevity against disastrous pests, such as termites and wood ants.


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Conserve More Trees

Did you know it needs at least 40 trees to be cut for framing to build an average sized wood framed home? Meanwhile, 6 recycled cars can be used for framing to construct a typical steel framed home. See the difference? By choosing steel frame kit homes, you can be part of saving the world’s endangered forests and contribute a positive impact on the environment.


Aside from that steel framed homes won’t be affected by temperature or humidity changes, making your home energy-efficient saving on fuel costs.

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