5 Tips To Make Your Bathroom Kid And Pet Friendly

A bathroom is a fun place where to spend quality time after a hard day at work. It’s also delightful for kids and pets to have a bathe and primp in the bathroom. However, it can become a safety hazard when proper care is not taken. Unsupervised access to the bathroom by pets and kids requires safety precautions in place to lessen chances of accidents. To safeguard against these, here are 5 tips to make your bathroom kid and pet friendly.

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  • Limit unsupervised access

Kids must not use the toilet seat, bathtub, or water heater on their own. So, always lock the bathroom after use. Toddlers might drown in some water in the bathtub. Locking the bathroom ensures that the kid doesn’t enter without anyone’s notice. When occupying the bathroom with your baby, ensure to go out with them when you have to answer an emergency phone call or have to grab a towel. Avoid leaving the baby alone in the bathroom.

  • Adjusting the water heater

Allowing kids in the bathroom alone might make them turn on the water heater. This puts the kids at risk of scalding themselves. Since the chances of forgetting to lock the bathroom door are high, ensure to turn down the water heater. Let the faucet water not to be more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. You can test the water temperature with your elbow to ensure it feels warm to the touch but not hot. For older kids who can turn on the faucet on their own, teach them how to turn on the cold water first.

  • Installing no-slip strips on the bottom
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Another way to keep your kids and pets safe during a bathroom remodel Scottsdale is to install no-slip strips. This will prevent toddler slips and falls. Additionally, the contractor should cover all water faucets with cushioned covers to lessen chances of kids bumping against them and getting injuries. Another idea to keep the kids safe in the bathroom is by installing toilet lid locks. your kids won’t be able to reach into the toilet water.

  • Locking away all medicines and cleansers

Store all medicines in child-resistant containers with safety caps tightly screwed on. Additionally, toiletries, cosmetics, and bathroom cleansers should be locked away in cabinets or out of reach of children. items such as soap, toothpaste, and shampoo should be kept out of reach of children because they might eat them or choke on their packaging.

  • Keep electrical appliances away from children
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Leaving electrical appliances plugged in is very dangerous especially to kids. Your kids can touch them and get electrocuted or injured. Therefore, appliances such as electric razors and hair dryers must be unplugged from the socket and locked in a cabinet. Ensure to use these in a separate room where there’s less possibility of falling into the water when plugged in during use and cause shocks.

  • Wrapping up

Do you have kids in your home? Then, keeping them safe is very important. You have to contact a team of reputable bathroom remodeling experts make your bathroom more accessible and safer for your whole family.

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