7 Destinations in India Best Visited with Friends


You are calm before your parents, descent before others but you are yourself only before your best friend. He pats your back when your shoulders are down and grabs your legs to keep you on the ground when you are floating too much in the air.


Any journey is fun with him. Heavy bags become lighter and long walks become shorter. Mountains seem small and the sea becomes shallow with your friend. Your friend is the only person who jumps into your plan without thinking of anything. If he is your partner in your journey, then your nostalgia is never ending. You can explore a lot in yourself as well as the places you see.


Here is the list of the few places that you should never miss visiting with your friend, especially your best one.  Right from Snow Mountains in Kashmir to the underwater scuba diving in Andaman, from the Gulf of Kutch to rapid flowing rivers in Sikkim, everything is magical that our country offers for you to explore.


  1. Auli, Uttarakhand

Auli-Uttarakhand - Travel blog ideas

Photo by Raghavan Prabhu, CC BY 2.0


Auli is regarded as the most exciting skiing destination of our country. It has many ski resorts, which offer great facilities to the skiing lovers. Standing at the foot of the great Himalayas this place has a lot of adventure present innately in it to give you goose bumps. The oak plantations that you get to see here is truly a feast for your eyes. The coniferous forests, apple orchards, deodar trees that appear to you when you are coming down the slope give you a unique experience.


Auli is truly the heaven for skiing activities in our country. The hugeness of the mountains here inspires to think and do big. This place also bags some mythological as well as historical importance. The great guru Sri Adishankaracharyahas visited this place in the 8th century.


  1. Rafting and Camping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh-Rafting-Camping - Travel blog ideas

Photo by Travayegeur (Sahil Lodha), CC BY 2.0


Idol of lord Shiva may strike your head when you think of Rishikesh but there is a lot at stake for you here at this place. From a very long time, the gleaming Ganga waters have been the fathom testers for your taste towards adventure and it has been successfully attracting tourists from all parts of the world through its unique river rafting adventure. The swift waters of the great Ganges have been successful over many years to elevate the levels of adrenaline in the tourists who do river rafting here. You can appreciate the natural beauty of the mountains and can have the pleasure of hearing the sounds of the holy Ganges waters while rafting in Rishikesh.


People say that “eyes can only see beauty but heart can see it as well as feel it.” This holds well in case of the beautiful nature in Rishikesh. If you are camping here in this divine soil then you will feel the sense of completeness in your soul, such is the experience of camping here.

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  1. Go Camping and Dune Bashing in Rajasthan

Camping in Rajasthan - Travel blog ideas

Photo by SrinayanPuppala, CC BY-SA 2.0


Rajasthan is popular for its heritage, traditions, customs and culture but there is another fun side of Rajasthan also. The hottest state of India has some coolest adventures for you. The sand dunes of Thar will play with your car. The adventurous activity, dune bashing, is very popular in this part of the country, especially,Jaisalmer is known as the best spot for this adventure. There are 2 different ways of doing this adventure. You can either take a camel to get on top of these massive sand dunes, which is the Indian style or do it in Dubai style by hiring a car to tackle these huge dunes.You can do it, either way, to raise your moods up soaring into skies with energy.


Camping here in the desert provides you pleasure along with memories to treasure for your lifetime. On camping in Rajasthan, you can appreciate the raw beauty of nature. With all the shining stars in the sky and your tent below them in the lamp lights,surely will be a different kind of experience for you.


  1. Explore caves of Meghalaya

Meghalaya - Travel blog ideas

Photo by (cropped) Rajesh Dutta, CC BY 2.0


If you and your friend are Sherlock Holmes by soul, then you should not miss exploring the caves of Meghalaya. There is a lot of beauty and mystery in these caves. These caves generate strange feelings in people. They seem frightening for someone, they give courage to someone. They are ugly says one and they are gorgeous says the other. The spaces inside are small for a person and the caves are big for a person. Really you can explore the unknown side of your heart once you visit these caves.


If you want to beat your fear of facing the unknown future, then walk straight into these dark caves. You will be a courageous person after your visit to these caves. So, why late? Pack your bags for these mysteriously beautiful caves. Meghalaya is a paradise for cave explorers.


  1. Go Goa

Goa - Travel blog ideas

Photo by Swaminathan, CC BY 2.0


Go Goa, this is the slogan that you should chant in any of your holiday trips with your friend. Raise your glasses and say cheers to Goa. Whether you go with your boyfriend or your girlfriend that doesn’t matter! There is a lot to enjoy for everyone in Goa. Here the eastern tradition meets the western culture.


From beaches to bars, churches to temples, wine to water sports everything here is simply fun and fantastic. Nearly there are about 72 beach spots that you can see here. If you are going with your girlfriend,then there is no other place better than Goa to take her. Partying and night club life is very famous in this place. Some people call it as the Las Vegas of India.

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If you want to explore the Portuguese architecture, then you can see the humongous churches in the city. You can have fun in the island trips that are unique in their own way. The water sports adventures are endless here.  The calm sea shores at some beaches will simply mesmerize you with their beauty.


  1. Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg - Travel blog ideas

Photo by (cropped) Kiran Kumar, CC BY-SA 2.0


Unarguably, Coorg is a must-visit place in India. This place wears green on it. You can see only greenery till where your eye can have its last rays of vision. Coorg is locally known as Kodagu (in Kannada). Climatic conditions here are ideal for everyone. This place is placed perfectly 3500ft above the sea level.


The coffee plantations here are very famous and attract a large number of tourists from all over the world. The teakwood and sandalwood forests give you no less pleasure than the coffee plantations. Trekking and long walks in these forests provide you immense happiness. This place is also well-known for its rich diversity of birds. It is also considered as bird watchers’ paradise.


  1. Scuba diving, Andaman

Scuba Diving Andaman - Travel blog ideas

Photo by SunpholSorakul, CC BY 2.0


Do you like deep blue waters? Do you want to hit the sea beds of Indian Ocean? Are you mad at exploring the gorgeous coral reefs? Did you ever dream of seeing real life inside the sea? If you want to answer all these questions, then you should definitely visit Andaman.


Aqua lovers, it is your paradise waiting there to unfold itself before you. Scuba diving helps you to rejuvenate yourself. You can leave all your stress in the sea waters and can come fresh out of those waters to the surface after scuba diving. It is a different experience altogether. The thrill and the beauty hidden beneath the waves will transform you into a different person.

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