7 Top Website Design Trends to look out for in 2018

7 Top Website Design Trends to look out in 2018


Generally, frequent Internet users love to browse attractive and professionally built websites. It helps them to find the desired info/products/services, etc, easily in a short time span.So, the website design trends keep changing from time-to-time.The design trends are influenced by the media, technology, and usability. So, we have collected the top 7 website design trends that are prevalent in 2018. Let’s see them one by one.


  1. Semi-Flat Design

The flat design has been the most popular in the web design market for a few years. But now, under the influence of Material Design, it is becoming more one-dimensional with each passing day. This transition starts with some light shadows which makes it a semi-flat design. The evolution of flat design from the style of minimalism goes into new evolving technologies. Flat design is still in use, but it has undergone some major improvements. Smooth shading adds depth and complexity to websites without destroying the sensations of flat design. This new feature will continue to develop throughout in 2017.


  1. New Navigation Options

Today, you do not have to place horizontal navigation on websites. Due to the increasing popularity of adaptive layouts, many users are already accustomed to the icon of the Hamburger menu (consists of three horizontal bars), which is increasingly appearing on regular sites. The difference between mobile and desktop design is erased up to a great extent. In the current year, we observe a lot of experiments with the placement and form of the menu

Such solutions allow you to use the page space differently. With their help, you can place all the necessary submenu items on one screen. In a sense, this makes navigating the site more detailed and useful for users. It is important only that they are able to deal with your non-standard solution.


  1. Original and Clearly Visible Typography
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The use of huge fonts was one of the promising trends of website design since long. In 2018, the same thing is happening because all website owners want visitors to stay longer on their web pages, read the available content and give them numerous business opportunities. So, you must use professional and standard fonts on your website to help people easily read the content and use the site for different works.


  1. Moving Photos

The Cinematography is not the kind of GIF animation that we see on the Internet everywhere. The Cinematography is still in use with insignificant elements of movement. This technique makes a simple photo more realistic and helps you to catch the attention of the targeted customers.


  1. More 3D

The use of 3D technology in website design and development is increasing with each passing day. With VR / AR technologies, the pace is rapidly increasing, this area is developing quickly. If you use 3D technology in the creation of websites, the end products look different and customers go crazy about it.


  1. Gradients & Bright Colors

Another important trend of Web design 2018 is the use of bright color palettes for gradients.In order to solve the design problems, some experts began to experiment with bright colors and gradient solutions. This year, this trend is in great use. It can be used not only for the background. One of the popular techniques is to create a transition between two colors and superimpose them on a picture as allows you to make the photo more interesting and appealing. Always keep in mind that bright colors add depth, dynamism and pleasant energy to websites and highlight the page and the elements on it.


  1. Animation & Micro interaction

Animation on websites is now new. But, every year, designers learn to implement it all more beautifully and effectively on different types of websites and blogs. Minor visual effects for images/objects/content revitalize your website and, different micro-interactions turn routine processes into more fun ways of getting information + allow the user to see and understand how a particular page element works (menus, navigation, buttons, etc,).

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  1. Parallax Effect

Another popular web site design trend in 2018 is the parallax effect. As a matter of fact, parallax itself is realized due to the different speed of the background and foreground motion when scrolling, which eventually creates the impression of depth and dynamism of the picture. In the current year, we expect that more complex work in website design with the use of several layers different directions of motion, and the application of effects. You should work with this technique carefully so as not to distract users from the contents of the web page and keep them hanging around your site for every day.


Final Words

The website design trends see drastic changes every year due to the development of web technology, the changing taste of visitors and increasing needs of the targeted audience. So, website design and developers must keep the above-described design elements in mind to rock in 2018.

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