9 Habits that can kill your YouTube Channel

9 Habits that can kill your YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great platform to play on we all know that, but what if you fail to stay in a YouTube fame race. To stay in the race you need to know what all mistakes and glitches you are performing that can even make you more perfect and famous on YouTube.

You can learn from these some given Habits that can Kill your YouTube Channel:

Avoiding Your YouTube Viewers

To have a successful YouTube channel you should have viewers. Reply if possible in a positive way and with thoughtful answers when they ask you questions or leave feedback in the comments. Your viewers are your plus points always try to impress and give time to your viewers, they could make you famous and they can also put you in troubles.

You must engage with your viewers on YouTube plus stay connected with them on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. They will feel more connected to you and with channel’s brand. If you avoid them then you are making bonds tougher to build a h3 community for your channel for long run and success.


Not Optimizing Your YouTube Video Titles

To have your Vlogs, and YouTube channel show up in YouTube’s search result, use the keywords and phrases that audience will search for your Video. Google and YouTube in their search algorithms also use video titles.

To fetch more viewers create engaging and unique titles that must include keywords. If you won’t put efforts in titling your video you won’t be able to fetch audience and instantly you will fall back in the race of fame. This YouTube platform is all about fame and tricks and if you won’t be able to establish yourself, you won’t be able to get high.


Not Using the Right Gear

A Youtube video is a canvas, 1080 x 720 p canvas which you can fill with what you have in your head. A painter is as good as the tools he has, and a youtuber is as good as the equipments he has. There are a handful of things which you need to create a perfect video.

A Good Backdrop or Shooting Location

An average camera ( even your smartphone will do fine )

A Good Microphone for Youtube

Video Editing Software ( Start with a free one )

Audio Editing Software

Photo Editing Software


Using Default YouTube Thumbnails

On Google and YouTube search results your thumbnail image shows up next to your video and YouTube provides you a thumbnail for your video, of your choice, so better to choose wisely. If you fail in choosing a good thumbnail image, your videos will be framed in some random frames and won’t be much attractive.

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You also have this best option of adding your own custom images which could be best for your videos and engage your viewers. Thumbnail images carry a lot of information of how could your video be, they make a first impression of your viewers, and the first impression is the last impression, so choose your thumbnail wisely and try to learn how other competitors are putting their thumbnail. It will help you a lot.


Not Branding Your YouTube Content

It is harder for viewers to recognize you when you fail to brand your videos, especially when they’re already on social media or other websites and blogs. It’s pretty easy and really effective to brand your YouTube videos.

For eg, you can add a ten seconds long video intro, it can display branded background, wearing or showcasing branded merchandise, or even you can edit in-video graphics ( just like your YouTube channel’s logo or if custom hashtag for Instagram or Twitter).Brand your content as whatever your work is it is your hard work, and if you hesitate in branding yourself you won’t be able to do other things, so brand yourself and let the people know that this piece of creative artwork is your work.


Commenting Only for Subscribers and Viewers

There is the person who comments like “Check my channel, share and subscribe to upcoming videos”, avoid these things. People take these links as spam and you may alienate the admin of other channels that you may like to watch or comment on.

Instead, write comments with working mind and try not to be more sarcastic, sarcasm is good when you counter any negative comment, but it could bring glitches between you and the other commenting person plus questions the question in a way that you do not hurt anyone’s feels. Try to build relationships and community. People will more likely to visit your YouTube channel to see what you content you put in your video and Vlogs.


Don’t try to be someone else.

Being yourself is the most important thing on YouTube, you can make videos like someone else but you can never find fame like them. Because already all audience is familiar with their work, and if you will be doing same your work won’t be considered original. Originality is important, don’t follow a trend.  If you do, you won’t be seen unique and will be considered as a mainstream new YouTuber.  You should focus more on originality and make something more creative than it will make you stand out.

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Learn from high ranked YouTubers they carry a lot of originality they create a trend, instead of following it. Be that person who creates Trends, not a person who follows it.


Don’t make everything long

YouTube content is watched by a lot of people and not all of them or considers 75% of them do not like to watch along content that is not too hilarious. So, best is to bring a content shortest of time, and with a great humor content and with a message to pass on.

The podcast can be of 30 minutes for the beginners but don’t upload a content that is not creative and hilarious it can bore the viewers and you may lack your audience. You can launch contents like episodes of drama and entertaining contents, web-series are a trend these days but don’t copy, make a unique content.


Upload content at Specific Time

YouTubers need to understand that audience are not mindless creatures or free, they cannot be available any time of their want. So learn to upload every content on a specific time and date. This will let your audience stay connected to you and will focus your channel too.

Conclusion : So these are some characteristics to learn from and have a healthy and unique YouTube career starting and to be famous for the time and length.

Try always to learn from competitors and how they do things, it will better your part too.

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