Art as a Marketing Strategy for Hotels – Infographic

One of the best and effective marketing strategies is word of mouth, even though technology has a big contribution to the business processes nowadays. There’s a huge difference between how words can speak with words that persuade people, same as how the naked eye sees art in any form.

Art can sometimes be interpreted only as a decoration on a four-walled establishment, but today, having a piece of art within hotels seems to have a clear statement that promotes every hotel in different places today. Art has become a fundamental, rather than an ornamental element of hotel design.

Considering art as a marketing strategy for hotels today discusses certain prominent implication on why art should appreciate as a work of life not just to hanging something on the wall. Here are some marketing strategies to consider of art through hotels:

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Art: The Vibe and Intellectual Soul of Hotels

Having a clear statement when it comes to distinguishing a certain hotel with its interior and services can easily market its name without the long process. Art is considered one of the biggest trend in hospitality and tourism today.

More and more hotels are clearly making a new statement for people who think that hotels are for only a place where they can stay and go. Hotels nowadays promote historical and cultural experiences through how art can easily intensify the vibe of each interior in a hotel.

Art Décor as Marketing Strategy

            The hotel industry has discovered that incorporating distinctive pieces into a property’s design can enhance the décor, feel and ambiance of a hotel. Moreover, this being versatile when it comes to investing in art, the feedback of customers will surely make a huge benefit on how they would appreciate and promote hotels.

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If you want to learn more about the marketing strategies of art through hotels, please check the infographic below by Accent Art and Frame.

Art as a Marketing Strategy for Hotels - Infographic

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