Ashtanga Yoga and How it Makes Your Skin Glow

Say Goodbye to Expensive Skincare, Say Hello to Ashtanga Yoga and Turmeric Water.

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Yoga has been known to give a lot of benefits, starting from the mind to the body. This is why all over the world, it has gained popularity among people from all walks of life. Most choose to start yoga because it’s the form of exercise they can relate to; not all of us can do extreme workouts at the gym, but we can’t stay idle either. That’s why yoga is perfect for us.

Aside from the known benefits that we can get from yoga such as relaxation, weight loss, increased muscle strength, balance, and flexibility, there is one that the ladies (and gentlemen) will find exciting: it can help us get the glowing and healthy skin.

Yes, you read that right. Doing yoga will make you look like you’ve grown younger instead of older. One particular yoga system, the Ashtanga yoga, will give you everything you’ve ever wanted for your skin and more.


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Ashtanga yoga was popularized by Sri PattabiJois, who learned it from Sri T. Krishnamcharya. It is known that the teachings of Ashtanga yoga came from Yoga Kurunta, a text given to Sri T. Krishnamcharya by his guru Rama Mohan Brahmachari. This text contains a lot of ancient teachings about the philosophy behind yoga techniques and how to do them right to maximize their benefits.


It’s a highly structured class.

eight-limbed yoga

The term means “eight-limbed yoga”, referring to morality; purification and study of the self; body posture; controlling your breathing; controlling your senses; concentration; meditation practices; and being one with the Universe. Each limb represents areas of focus, and in a yoga class, you will learn that some of these limbs will be hard to deal with if you have not developed the others.


The first four limbs are called the external practices while the next three arms are called internal practices. It’s been said that if there are errors in the different methods, it’s straightforward to correct them but if these errors occur in the internal practices, it may be hard for the student. This is why it is essential to perform the correct methods and techniques.

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It removes toxins from your body.

yoga removes toxins from your body

Ashtanga yoga is composed of 6 asana series. You can’t move on to the next round without mastering all the poses in the previous one. It is a vigorous exercise. However, with practice and diligence, it can be perfect for anyone. The poses in this system focus on breathing and movement. In turn, this promotes improved circulation of the blood. As an effect, it creates harmony in your body that will eventually get rid of toxins. Now you have an idea how it can make your skin glow. Aside from that, the amount of sweating that you’ll be releasing will be extremely beneficial for your body.


One ashtanga yoga pose–the yogic facial massage–is a great example. This pose focuses on your facial nerves to help it relax and stimulate. Once you’ve done this long enough, you’ll notice all the significant changes that you didn’t get from using expensive skin care products.


It helps you live better.

yoga for better life

Yoga, in general, helps one be a better person. Once you’ve done it, you will see that we are different people when we are more relaxed and connected to ourselves as well as the Universe. Yoga does that. It is not only a physical exercise, but it’s also a mindset and a lifestyle. Since it is a lifestyle, it will teach you to change what you do outside the class and how you approach your everyday stresses. This includes the choices you make in food, beverage, and so many others. For example, in yoga class, you will be encouraged to ditch unhealthy food and drinks, and switch to organic and more beneficial stuff. One of them is turmeric water. Some say that it goes well with yoga as it helps in cleansing and revitalizing the body. What more could you ask for?

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If you’ve been planning to take yoga classes, now is the time. Not only will you improve the state of your body, but you will also be doing your mind favour. Give yourself a chance to relax and be healthier. Yoga is all about “controlling the mind”. And once you’ve learned to control how your mind works, you will primarily be able to manage the other aspects of your life.


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