Sleeping on the wrong mattress can lead to back pain or worsen an already existing back pain. We all know how excruciating back pains can be. It makes every sleeping moment a hard experience, and waking moments are even harder.


A good sleeping mattress will give you a great sleeping posture, and also gives you a relaxed sleep. Getting a quality mattress is one of the most important decision you will make for your home, and it is also one of the most important furniture you can get for your home.

Getting a mattress that supports your sleeping posture is a great decision, but if your current mattress doesn’t really fit your body type or sleeping position, then the best decision is to change your mattress.

According to Dr Jeffrey N Katz, a professor of medicine and orthopedic surgery at Harvard Medical School, changing your mattress can make a vital difference in your back pain rehabilitation.

It is true, there is nothing like a perfect mattress, but there is always a perfect mattress for your body type, sleeping position, and your backpain (if you have one). A good mattress is great for your spine, and getting that mattress to address your back pain can be a life changing decision.

Getting that perfect mattress for you can be a herculean task, from overly ambitious salespeople to the confusion over the best type of mattress, and also the financial commitment involved in getting a quality mattress.

To get yourself the perfect mattress, the best practice was going to the mattress store, and testing out different mattresses till you find the perfect one for your body posture, and sleeping position, and at the same time, overly ambitious and aggressive salespeople breathing down your neck to close the sales.

These days the buying process has changed, with customers able to order for mattresses online, and getting to test the mattress for a week, if they feel comfortable with the mattress then they can purchase it, but if they don’t, they can return of for little or no fee at all.


Best mattresses for different types of sleepers


There are different types of mattress that suits different categories of sleepers, this section will identify the best mattress that best suits your sleeping position.

  1. Stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers adopt this position mostly because of back pain, and the best type of mattress that suits this sleeping position is a firm mattress.
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Best mattresses for different types of sleepers

  1. Side sleepers: Side sleepers relax their body on their shoulders and hip, and need to mattress that will serve as a cushion to the hips and shoulder. The best mattress that fits this sleeping position is a soft mattress.


Best mattresses for different types of sleepers

  1. Back sleepers: For back sleepers, they need a mattress that is soft and hard at the same time. The best mattress to accomplish this objective is a medium-firm mattress.


Best mattresses for different types of sleepers

Popular mattress types to consider


  1. Adjustable beds: Adjustable beds are great for people with pain in different parts of their body. And as the name suggests, the bed can be adjusted to accommodate the part of the body feeling the pain at the moment.


Adjustable Beds

  1. Air mattress: This mattress offers a unique level of comfort and support, and it allows you to adjust it to the level of firmness comfortable enough for you. Air mattresses have an air like chamber covered by bed cushion, which makes it look like a normal bed.


Adjustable Beds

  1. Innerspring mattress: This type of mattress is extremely popular and features hundreds of springs paddings and coils, and the level of firmness depends on the strength of the coil and paddings used.

Innerspring mattress


  1. Specialty foam mattress: Specialty foam mattresses uses foams to mimic your body type, and provide enormous support. Foams used includes latex, memory, and polyurethane.

Specialty foam mattress

Best tip for buying a mattress good for your back


Tip 1: Don’t buy firm mattresses:   If you already suffer from back pain, or you’re just avoiding it. It is better to keep off firm mattresses. For patients suffering from back pain, a medium firm mattress is the best way to go.

Sleeping on a mattress that is extra firm puts extra pressure on the back, which ultimately results in more back pain if you already suffer from one. So if you have back pain or trying to avoid back pain, keep off extra firm mattresses.


Tip 2: Consider your body type:  You have to consider your body type before making that pocket unfriendly decision of getting yourself the best type of mattress. Tall or short, top heavy, bottom heavy, or lightweight, getting a mattress that supports your body type is major. Soft, firm, or medium-firm mattresses don’t matter if it doesn’t support your body type.

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Tip 3:  Know the best time to buy:    This might just be the best tip you will need, pocket-wise at least. A report from the National Sleep Foundation, the new models for mattresses usually hit mattress stores between May and September. So during that period, you should get a great mattress deal.


Tip 4:  Price don’t always mean quality:    When you want to get the best mattress that fits your body type, sleeping position, and great for your back, the price is not a major deciding factor. Because a mattress is expensive doesn’t mean that mattress is the best for you. Going for the mattress to avoid back pain depends on the technology behind its creation.

So a mattress that fits your body type might be expensive or cheap, but the price doesn’t decide the value it offers to your back.


Tip 5:   Ask for professional opinion:   Knowing the cause of your back or body pain is the best way to start planning the best mattress to buy. Why did you get back pain, how did you get it? You need to get a professional opinion on the issue, then decide on the best mattress that would help correct the why and the how.

If you can address the cause of your back pain, then it is a great tip for you not to get confused when trying to purchase the perfect mattress for you.

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