Landing Page Design and Development for Best Results

Landing Page Design & Development for Best Results

  source: Landing page design & development is a professional job that requires a lot of consideration. This page can be a home page or any other page that visitors land on. There are many aspects of web design that cannot be ignored. The most vital ones are the ones that affect your website […]


How to Fix the Copy Content and Duplicate Issues

  The issue of duplicate content occurs when there is more than one edition of a web page listed by the search engine. Duplicity can be both on-site and offsite: On location duplicity is when the same content is seen on several webpages within a web page and off-site duplicity is when the content on […]


Why Should We Concentrate on Long tail Keywords ?

  At, however, we did very little to provide guidance to our visitors in doing industry and keyword and key phrase analysis. That’s a bit strange, it being the key to SEO and all. That’s why I would like to stay on this subject for a number of content, helping you comprehend the significance […]