Best 7 Home Decor tips

7 ways to make your home look impressive

Want to make your home look impressive but don’t have the big budget to decorate like a professional?  These simple tips can help you create the dream home without draining your bank balance. Whether you’re living in a big spacious home or limited size apartment, you can easily decorate your home in a hassle-free way. […]

Best Waterfalls on Oahu

The Best Waterfalls in Oahu – Infographics

There’s a certain feeling when you go through a luxurious green forests and come across a water fall. Highly effective water resources that designed out rock to develop this awesome establishing for us to enjoy. Though Hawaii islands are significantly known for its spectacular seaside places, rich marine life, this Traditional isles has another unseen […]

Global Enterprise Mobility Trends

Global Enterprise Mobility Trends – Infographic

Enterprise mobility has a huge contribution to the digital age that develops through promoting certain managing mobile devices, wireless networks, and other mobile computing services. According to statistics, 71% of enterprise across the world regard mobility as a top priority and the market is anticipated to reach a valuation of US$510.39 billion by the end […]

Art as a Marketing Strategy for Hotels

Art as a Marketing Strategy for Hotels – Infographic

One of the best and effective marketing strategies is word of mouth, even though technology has a big contribution to the business processes nowadays. There’s a huge difference between how words can speak with words that persuade people, same as how the naked eye sees art in any form. Art can sometimes be interpreted only […]


Top Tips to Utilise Social Media in Customer

It is evident that social media has opened up new areas of opportunities for sales and marketing. The recent influx of social media users around the globe has enabled many companies – both large and small – to target a broader market and improve their business bottom line. However, the social media sphere offers much […]

Safe driving with children

Tips for Safe Driving with Children – Infographics

During this holiday season, travelling with your family is such a milestone. A safe drive with your family, especially with your children on board can so much be fun if you will consider some tips on how to drive safely. Your child can be so much hyper especially when they are amused by the things […]



If company that has a relatively few number of shareholders, then the potential for disagreement and deadlock is high. This is why many corporate law experts often advise every company with more than one shareholder to draft a shareholders’ agreement, even if there is no legal requirement to sign one. Shareholders’ agreement is a document […]

Top Cities for Working Remotely

Top Cities for Working Remotely in 2018

Many workers dream of doing their jobs from home, where there’s no need to rush, get dressed, commute, or spend time in a traditional office. In fact, 68% of the Millennials who are active-job seekers said an option to work remotely would greatly increase their interest in specific employers. People have different motives for wanting […]

Top Trends in Wireless-Technology-and-Communication-2017

Top Trends in Wireless Technology For Modern Lifestyle

Wireless tech is an idea that started out on the drawing board and went to become one of the largest carriers of digital data in the world today. This pattern of growth has been nothing short on monumental. Today, wireless technology is responsible for the smooth and efficient functioning of several niches of industries. This […]

Travel Tips – How to pack like a pro

Travel Tips – How to pack like a pro

Traveling is always fun and exciting—except for the part where you need to pack a day’s worth of clothes in a bag, luggage or carry on. A lot of people are struggling with packing—all that folding (or rolling) and space skimping can be a total nightmare. Hopping on a plane/train/bus or ship anytime soon? You […]