Google Tackles Android App Privacy with Machine Learning. Do You Want To Know How It Is?

100% Workable Ways to Fund Your App Start-up

Fundraising is no longer tough for app startups. Today fundraising opportunities are absolutely in possible ways, thanks to entrepreneurs and evolving startup landscape. If you’re able to manage the total cost incurred to start your app business, you’d probably take a less-tensioned, more confident next step. Otherwise, you would need to be more strategic to […]

big data

Will Big Data influence artificial intelligence as a major disruption?

As the trends are changing in the digital landscape, the future is also changing of the IT industry. However, these changes must be talked with swiftness and assiduousness. The most beneficial development made in this IT industry is Mobile Application Development, Artificial intelligence etc. It is one of the concepts that have used number of […]


Samsung Galaxy S8: The Next in the Flagship Series

The SamsungGalaxy S8 is a next generation S series high-end smartphone from the Korean company. Flagship phone launch is always talk of the town. These are the phones by which any company demonstrates its new technology by making the phone superior to its predecessor in terms of design, speed, and display. The new SamsungGalaxy S8 […]

AirBar – Get touch functionality on any PC

AirBar – Get touch functionality on any PC

Touch-screen capabilities are widely appealing, but they still don’t come included with most laptop computers available today. A company called Neonode has come up with AirBar, a gadget that will bring touch-screen functionality to any PC. Without any heavy duty hardware adjustments or a single software update, AirBar could theoretically turn any computer screen into a […]