Cheap Alternative Ways to Keep Yourself Warm At Home

Cheap Alternative Ways to Keep Yourself Warm At Home

Summers in the United Kingdom do not really last for long. This means that the centralised heating system is perhaps the most important appliance in each home. People who stay on rent are forced to use the centralised heating facility only when necessary due to fear of steep energy bills. So here are some cheaper alternatives you can use to keep your house warm.

Firstly Check the Insulation and Underfloor Heating of the House

Having your home properly insulated is a must. Poor insulation can cause you to live in an uncomfortable house. Getting your house well insulated is a one-time investment and can save you a lot on the energy bills.

Another way you can keep your house warm is by installing underfloor heating. This is a one-time investment as well. With underfloor heating, the whole flooring area of the house warms the air above. This comes along with various benefits over radiators like:

  • The heat is controlled in a better way and it also benefits your health.
  • Reduces the risk of dust mites living in your carpets as the moisture content is too low for them to survive.
  • Results in energy saving and affordable energy bills.
  • Provides heat exactly where it is required the most.
  • They are low maintenance and versatile.

By using electric heaters

Even though electric heaters need power supply, they can be very useful to heat up a small area. If you already have one in your house you can put it to good use. While it can cost you a bit more in your energy bills, having electric heaters can be very beneficial. Their advantages include:

  • They are flexible and versatile since they do not require flue or pip-work. They can be virtually installed anywhere in the room, giving you the freedom of designing the place as you want.
  • They have been proven to be safe and reliable. Since they do not leak or burst, there is no risk of them causing damage to any property.
  • They have low installation costs and low lifetime costs.
  • They tend to provide the utmost comfort and control. The accuracy of these controls allows rapid response to sudden changes in room temperature, ensuring that heater outputs are quickly reduced or increased to maintain a consistent room temperature.

More budget friendly heating options include: 

Using Hot Water Bottles

Having your heating turned on at night can be very tempting since you do not want to wake up with cold feet on a chilled night. In this case, hot water bottles can come to use. You can simply have them kept under your bedsheet before you go to bed. They warm up the bed enough for you to have a good night’s sleep. This is an old-fashioned way to keep yourself warm for a comfortable night of sleep. And as a matter of fact, hot water bottles are an incredibly efficient option as they stay warm all night. This helps you save a lot of money on fuel and energy bills. Some hot water bottles can be reheated in the microwave without you having to empty them everytime.

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Get Covers. Layer It Up More!

Best Alternative Ways to Keep Yourself Warm At Home

The most effective and the obvious way you can quickly warm up your house is by adding a lot of layers everywhere. If you want to keep yourself warm, you can always wear an extra jumper, duvet, blankets and hoodies. If you want greater heating in your home, you can have carpets and rugs spread around on the floor. These will help you feel comparitively warmer. You can always throw in some extra layers of bedsheets to keep your sleeping arena warmer. You can also hang heavier curtains, this way the heat will be trapped inside the house and keeping your house warm.

Get Creative And Try DIY Techniques

You can look for ways to make a candle powered space heater online. It is the most exciting way to heat up a small room or space and for little cost. All you need are three terracotta plant pots, some bolts, washers and a candle. If you feel you are really low on cash, you can make the candles all by yourself using all the grease that is left over from your cooking bacon.

Make Yourself A Hot Drink, You Deserve It!

There is no doubt that tea is an essential part of British culture. Throughout the country, tea is served as a welcoming, hearty and warm beverage. Technically speaking, hot drinks do not actually generate warmth in your body. But they do warm your mouth which can act as a placebo for the rest of your body. If you are not a tea person, you can always opt for making yourself some delicious hot chocolate. There are various recipes online that will help you make innovative hot chocolate drinks.

Going To the Library

If you still feel that you need to save money and cannot afford to use the centralised heating systems. You can consider going to the library to get your office or school work done. Instead of staying home and freezing and feeling uncomfortable, you can go to a place that you are already paying heating bills for through your tax contributions. This way you can make use of heating and electricity provided by the government.

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Try Leaving the Oven Door Open After Cooking

Yes, the oven is useful for heating up your food (which is its actual purpose!).you can keep the oven door open after you are done using it so that it creates a warm flow of air. This might as well make standing in the kitchen and eating a very normal thing for you.

A Do It Yourself Solar Furnace

This self-powered device can change a room’s temperature between 10 to 29 degrees and uses only the suns heat to work. Once it is made this amazingly designed device will continue to work independently from any other power source. Meaning it will create completely free heat and with the addition of a small fan it makes sure it goes exactly where you want.

Try Ways to Reflect The Heat

You can install radiator panels that are relatively very cheap and easy to install. Radiator panels ensure that the heat in the house remains trapped inside the house. You can thus heat your rooms effectively and proportionately without heating just the walls of your house.

By Blocking the Draughts

Even simple solutions such as making your own sausage dog draught excluder will help maintain the warmth in your home. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that draught-proofing your doors, windows and cracks in the floor could save upto £25 per year. You can do this yourself at a very nominal cost. Self-adhesive rubber seals around doors and windows and door draught excluders are relatively cheap and easy to install. So, it is worth getting those doors and windows sealed to keep the warm air trapped inside the house.

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