Choosing Effective Home Floor Options For Year 2018

Choosing Effective Home Floor Options For Year 2018

Choosing Effective Home Floor Options For Year 2018: Every year there is a change in the choice of flooring options that people generally opt for. The year 2018 is no different. In fact with a number of home fashion magazines making predictions with regards to styles and colours, the year 2018 is slated to see many different choices and options with regards to the same.

Irrespective of whether the need is to install a new floor or to renovate an old one some of the trends and flooring choices which are set to make waves in the year 2018 are:


  • Fumed wood flooring: While the popularity of the wooden flooring is undoubtedly evergreen, installation of fumed wooden flooring ensures richness of both colour and grains. This variety of wood is obtained by making the wood react with airborne ammonia in a chamber wherein the wood undergoes a change of colour. The rich dark colour of wood obtained helps to enhance its grains thereby making the finishes product look luxurious and definitely much more appealing to the eye.


  • Blanched and bleached wood: With stress on variety even where wooden flooring is concerned, today more and more people are looking for newer choices. Hence there is a shift from the glossy brown look of the wood that was preferred till date towards wood that looks soft, white-washed and bleached. The process by which this effect is obtained is known as blanching. This enables the wood to take on the ashy look of naturally bleached wood yet retain its natural grain and finish.
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  • Textured tiles: Tiles have always been a favourite because of their ease of maintenance and low cost. But this year even the shiny look of the tiles is set to undergo a transformation with textured tiles becoming much more popular. These tiles are finished in a way that they look and feel like other flooring options like wood, natural stone etc. These tiles are also able to offer an almost endless variety of designs and flooring styles which make it the ideal alternative to the more expensive flooring options and an option to look forward to this year.


  • Vintage flooring option: The black and white vintage look is set for revival this year. With nostalgia playing a strong role, the warmth and happy memories of the past are set to make a strong comeback. However, the style of this flooring option is all set to move away from the classic black and white to become much more luxurious, bold and graphic so as to obtain a perfect amalgamation of the vintage with the contemporary.
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  • Graphic tiles: With the need for bringing about a touch of uniqueness and to avoid repetition of the same old patterns, the year 2018 is set to see people make bold choices. Hence tiles with unique, artful yet graphic patterns are set to take home styling by storm. In fact the use of advanced technology has enabled designers to offer customers with a wide variety to choose from. The ability to have floors with repetitive patterns or to make them look like a jig-saw puzzle further enhances their range and variety.

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