Common Mistakes Business Professionals Make with Facebook Pages

Common Facebook business page mistakes

Social media platform like Facebook has provided people with a huge advantage of connecting with its audience and its evident impact can be witnessed not only on people but also on businesses, especially today, when businesses are putting their best efforts to keep no stone unturned in embracing latest tools and technologies.


Though Facebook is a one stop solution for business owners to market their services, some professionals like law firms and lawyers come late to the party. I have seen lawyers become wary to test the waters with social networking websites like Facebook. But since it is grown in popularity, law firms and many attorneys are now utilizing social media as a part of their marketing strategy to reach out 800+ million Facebook users around the world.


Social media is driving businesses for long years and amplifying their reputation with its strong voice. If you’re already active on social media or signing up for the first time, avoid these common mistakes to build an engaging Facebook presence and boost conversions.


Not Crafting a Social Media Policy Primarily

One of the biggest mistakes that generally professional lawyers or law firms do is overlooking having social media policy in place, prior to posting any updates on Facebook company page. With outlining general things, a law firm can take the charge of specific posts. The person liable to post updates should solicit input from all stakeholders – including IT staff, seniors and marketers. In addition, seeking advice from the professional who are familiar with the platform can be a win-win situation.

Giving Charge of Handling Facebook Solely To One Person

Starting with Facebook is first and foremost thing, but probably you need a person in the firm who will manage page and updates while going forward. Though, there are firms which completely leave social media efforts off on one person’s shoulders. But, since social media marketing involves more than one practice, firms should brainstorm about hiring more people in place. With team effort, Facebook can be managed more efficiently; likewise you can have a clause in your social media policy to encourage all staff to come up with engaging content and information. You can attain an extra bonus in case if your clients would invite their Facebook friends to ‘Like’ company Facebook page.

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Neglecting To Brand Your Facebook Company Page

Branding your page is crucial to reach target audience. With a few simple steps, your page can match the brand of your firm. If 25 or more people hit like to your page, then create a custom URL, for instance, your page will go like


Neglecting To Brand Your Facebook Company Page


Once you done with URL, get appealing cover image and profile image that matches suitably with your law firm branding. Where cover images are generally 851px wide by 315px high, keep profile image at 180px by 180px. Also, you can display your logo as your Facebook profile image. Next comes optimising your “About” section, which is really important to communicate about you and your service to your customers in 155 characters.


Created A Facebook Page But Don’t Want To Follow

For some, having a Facebook page is like no-brainer, but generally some professionals make some critical mistakes, like they create a page but don’t take time to post anything. Remember that, creating a Facebook page is just not enough, unless you post updates, you won’t get customers. If you feel that you don’t have time to post, it’s better to stay off the social network instead of having a blank page.


An effective Facebook strategy follows a rule of consistently posting updates. So, keep your customers reminded of your phone number and practice areas at least once in a week.


Overlooking Guidelines for Post Engagement

Facebook page allows you to post a variety of things. With following certain rules, one can make their posts appealing and engaging, people like to comment on, like or share. For instance, if you don’t share link in your status and paste it into Facebook update, automatically a preview gets displayed. And then, you have an option to delete the actual URL, once a click action inside the page preview is available. In addition, adding photos to the post get more like, comments and clicks, making post look more appealing.


Not Using Facebook to Promote Website Content

Content marketing is an important tool in social media kit- engaging. Effective, valuable and relevant content on your website can do wonders for consultants with SRA compliance experience. Believe it or not, but the unexceptional talent of writing and valuable information, can make businesses successful.

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Additionally, informational posts help to generate high rankings to the website for various terms in search engines. However, few feel that promoting their website content on social networks wouldn’t be beneficial in public interest. On contrast, Facebook helps to get leads back to the website, so overlooking this aspect could be a huge loss for your firm.


Pushing Out Too Much Content without Contributing To the Conversation

In addition to the fact, Facebook is an effectual platform to engage visitors; professionals have started spending their maximum time doing just that. With implementing a right approach, Facebook builds relationships, therefore stay informative while broadcasting own information. Moreover, the firm who also solicits feedback or queries, or promote conversations or relevant content leaves their footprints in client’s mind more successfully.


Engaging With Negative Comments Online

Generally you might have seen people responding to negative comments online as well, but same approach can’t be followed everywhere. Whenever possible, take negative online conversation offline, to avoid arguments with a disgruntled client.  We recommend you to delete comments with rude language, otherwise, replying to those negative comments will intense the situation.


Not Being Flexible With New Facebook Features

With time, Facebook constantly announces its new features to make Facebook Company pages more approachable. However, some professionals generally overlook features since they don’t have idea about implementing those features.


Not Being Flexible With New Facebook Features


Also, Facebook ads are another cost-effective alternate to quickly expand audience to reach your Facebook posts. Find your target audience and set filters for your ads by things like location, age, or interests.

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