Easy Tips to Organize Your Attic or Basement

In every household, organizing things is very important. Your home should be the most comfortable and convenient place. For this, everything needs to be at place and well-organized. Organization is one the most pivotal factors of living harmoniously. A clean home will enable you to feel fresh and relaxed at home. You will not be able to enjoy at your home if it is cluttered.


Generally, what most of the homes face challenge is with the storage space? Most homes use basement and attic as storage spaces and the items stored here are often neglected, leaving them the chaotic and cluttered. Attics are commonly known as the dusty areas of the house and here are huge chances of mold and mildew. So, it is very important to keep these places clean and organized. When it comes to garages, most of us pile the junk, tools and other unusable items while your car sits outside or in the driveway.

To help you with de-clutter and organize your garage and attic space, here are some quick tips:

  • Purge and Clean

Begin by removing the items that are not usable anymore, if possible. After the attic is empty, clean it with damp cloth or sweep it out. Use a flash light and check around for any signs of water getting in through the roof.  It is always a good idea to check the water damage in the attic before it makes down into your house, and you definitely do not want your possessions being damaged by water.

  • Sort and Pack
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After you’ve sweep the whole attic, it is time to sort everything that is taking a whole lot space. Look for the items you could sell or throw it away or donate. Pack your belongings in cardboard boxes, containers or most preferably in plastic storage tubes with lids. These plastic tubes will protect your belongings and are much easier to stack and move around in cramped spaces.

  • Label and Store

When you will repack your items, label them on two sides with a masking tape or a marker. As you reload your attic, align them in zones or areas of commonality. Items being stored for a long haul should be stacked in the back.

These aforementioned tips really work. But now, the question arises how will you climb to your attic and do all the purging, cleaning and then re-storing? The solution is right here!

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Versa Lift Systems for home helps you organize your garage clutter and allow you to make the best use of that valuable space in your attic. With this advanced system, you don’t have to lift heavy containers or boxes up and down on a ladder.

This system can be installed anywhere – homes with basements, without basement, with multiple levels, or with a split level design. Cluttered homes can also choose garage lifts as it an easy way to cope with organizational dysfunction. This system can be operated with a help of a push button, saving you a lot of time and energy.

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