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Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts is a brand-new theme park in Dubai that just recently opened its gates to the public.

Home to three theme parks, a water park, a shopping and entertainment park and a hotel, Dubai Parks and Resorts is the ideal place to spend a weekend in the city.

With a hotel – LAPITA™ DUBAI – on the premises, Dubai Park and Resorts makes for the perfect weekend getaway paradise filled with excitement and adventure for the whole family.

LATPITA™ DUBAI offer visitors the opportunity to stay on the doorstep of Bollywood™ PARKS DUBAI, MOTIONGATE™ DUBAI, LEGOLAND® DUBAI, LEGOLAND® WATER PARK and RIVERLAND™ DUBAI, offering maximum access for the time being spent there and offering a more suitable accommodation option than driving two and from the parks each day. 

Camping Under the Stars in the Desert

There are numerous companies who offer their services who ensure you and other travellers to sleep under Dubai’s starry sky comfortably and safely.

Because there are numerous packages available from different companies, they will vary. Some of the activities that you could take part over your weekend in the desert could include dune bashing, camel rides, sand boarding, sun set photography and a drive through the desert along Al Awir Road.

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However, when the sun goes down you have the opportunity to relax, enjoy the fresh air, cook a delicious dinner over a barbeque and spend your evenings under the stars.

Depending on which company you choose to go with – or if you choose to go it alone – most, if not all, of the activities and food will be included in the price. 

The Dubai Mall Experience

dubai shopping mall

You might wonder why anyone could possibly want to spend a weekend getaway at a shopping mall, but the Dubai Mall is a wondrous place that offers visitors so much more than shopping.

Surrounded by six nearby hotels – including Armani Dubai Hotel, The Address Dubai Mall and Vida Downtown Dubai, each of which are just as luxurious as the next, your needs will be filled as they promise to make your stay a memorable experience.

When it comes to entertainment, there is more than enough options to choose from, including an ice rink, SEGA Republic (an indoor theme park), and the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

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Lastly, to fill everyone’s bellies, there is a wide selection of restaurants – my favourite being The Rainforest Café – with an array of cuisine from different corners of the globe.

Spend your weekend getaway with your loved ones in Dubai. The city offers a number of opportunities to take part in exciting activities, indulge in the city’s culture and relax away from your normal routine for a whole weekend of bliss.


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