Go Green With The Installation Of An Eco-Friendly Elevator

Eco-Friendly Elevator

The need for the installation of an elevator, especially in residences, has become quite common because of the advantages they impart. Hence they are a common concept today in those homes which house elderly people like aged parents, grandparents and other people who find it difficult to climb up the stairs. In fact after some time, climbing stairs too many times on a daily basis can be extremely detrimental for the knees and the ankles. Hence the need for providing relief in more ways than one prompts many a home to install elevators.

But people have become much more environmentally conscious too. Thus there is a pressing demand for installation of elevators which are environmentally safe and also ensure that the internal atmosphere of the house is kept clean and unpolluted. This has given rise to the concept of green elevators which has certain distinct advantages not available to the other forms like hydraulic elevators, traction elevators etc. These advantages result from certain features like:

  • No need for machine rooms: Most traction elevators need a machine room at the top of the elevator shaft to house the cable, gear box etc. But with the introduction of the concept of miniaturisation, it is now possible to house the elevator technology within the elevator shaft by the use of a design using gearless traction. Hence green elevators are a space saving concept.
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  • Regenerative drives: Not stopping just at a reduction in energy consumption, green elevators also tend to recover the energy used which would otherwise get dissipated either in the form of heat or sound. This recovered energy is recycled back into the electrical system of the house thereby bringing about a reduction in the utility bills.


  • Control features: It is common knowledge that elevators with lesser passengers require more energy to operate when going up so as to be able to counter the elevator-counterweight weight. But using a green elevator cuts down on the need for this excess energy by using:
    • Precision in traffic control,
    • Interior light management and
    • Reduction in the other energy burning factors present.


  • Lower carbon footprint: The carbon footprint is one of the biggest environmental concerns today and green or eco-friendly elevators deal with this concern by:
    • Using energy efficient manufacturing techniques,
    • Proper management practices regarding its service fleet,
    • Enabling earlier diagnosis using remote monitoring especially for mechanical problems and
    • Many other supporting systems.

Go Green With The Installation Of An Eco-Friendly Elevator

  • Other additional benefits: Additionally the installation of a green or eco-friendly elevator has other advantages like:
    • Being lubricant free: Since there is no use of either gears or pistons, the need for lubricating the same can be completely eliminated thereby preventing oil leaks and making its use hassle-free.
    • Energy used is less: It is said that eco-friendly elevators use about 80% lesser energy than the normal elevators. This feat is achieved because:
      • They use gravity for descending,
      • Use very less energy for ascending,
      • Use of halogen or LED lights within the elevator,
      • Using sensors to automatically shut off the lift lights when not in use etc.
    • Presence of special sensors: Equipped with special sensors, green elevators are able to automatically initiate a host of energy saving jobs like:
      • Shutting off the lights in idle mode,
      • Ventilation system are made to become very slow,
      • Audio-Video systems, if installed, are also made to hibernate when the elevator is in the idle phase.
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Thus the installation of green elevators in residences is extremely beneficial both in terms of money and energy savings. The need to lower maintenance ensures greater sustainability but at a reduced cost and effort.

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