Heat Loss in the Home – Infographic

When running a household, there can be so many costs associated with it that we’re inclined to forget before we purchase or rent a place. But these bills can add up and one of the major ones that we will see regularly is heating costs. Depending on the climate, we might depend on heating systems to heat our homes and so they will be a very real and regular cost. So did you know that there are actionable ways to reduce the heating costs in your home and also help to do your bit for the environment? Of course some of these actions might require capital investment but some measures won’t. If you do have to outlay some cash to for example, upgrade your windows to be more insulated, you will likely recoup your investment in the longer term through savings in heating bills.

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This infographic from the guys at Senator Windows outlines everything you need to know about preventing heat loss in the home. It showcases some interesting statistics about heat loss in the home; it explains the meaning of an “R-Value”; interesting it also outlines exactly where heat is lost throughout the home and crucially, it explains measures to take in order to prevent losing heat in the future. Check out the full infographic below!

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heat loss and the home infographic

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