How IRCTC Train Ticket Booking Saves Your Money

How IRCTC Train Ticket Booking Saves Your Money

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, better known as IRCTC handles all the catering, tourism and online ticket booking system of Indian railways. Irctc is the pioneer in changing the medium of ticket booking of the railway railways. It was the first one to introduce internet based ticket booking through its website and it also enabled ticket booking from the mobile phones use mobile data, Wi-Fi or sms. So now you can book a ride in luxury trains.

Some of the basic advantages of booking rickets through Irctc are

24/7 Reservations

Many of us tend to use the internet after business hours and prefer to make the reservations on the spot ratherthan standing in the queue and booking tickets at railway counters on the next day. Due to Irctc website we can make our railway bookings one the spot and don’t have to use any agent or any tourism services to book tickets on our behalf. These agents charge a lot of money which we save by booking online at our leisure.

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Easy cancellation and cash back feature

By using Irctc train ticket online booking you are able to make easy cancellations and change in dates of your travel. Whenever this is done Irctc returns the money to your account directly without any hassle.

Irctc cash back offer

There are large numbers of offers which are present on various websites which provide huge discounts for rail tickets. These deals and offers are getting better day by day. On various websites you are offered with a wide variety of choices such as paytm Irctc wallet offer. In these offer you have the choice of booking tickets and making payment through mediums such as paytm which then offer you with bonus cash back offers of up to 5% and more depending upon the offer which you have chosen.

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Apart from that you can also win up to 100% cash back on your ticket booking of Indian Railways from the IRCTC Convenience fees. In the present world where plastic money is the way to go, numerous offers are available through various applications and websites which you can use according to your choice and preferences.

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