How to Get Ranked Your Mobile App in Google

How to Get Your Mobile App Ranked in Google - Best Tips

Creating a mobile application is only half the job done and submitting it to an app store and then getting it listed among highly ranked mobile apps is when the process reaches its logical end. The number of these utilities runs into millions and to make your creation popular in such a crowded field is not at all easy and requires knowledge of some essential tips and techniques. In this article we will present a few of them for your benefit.


App Store Optimization (ASO)


You may have developed a very useful and attractive amenity but if no one knows about it, the purpose of creating it is defeated. It is therefore essential to optimize the application for improving its visibility and thereby bettering its chances of getting installed by users. Identification of the most suitable keywords related to your creation and inserting it in the name and description making it easy for Google to find the service when a user searches for the terms. Ensure that the first couple of lines have the keywords as that is the text which is shown as meta description in the search engine’s results. Do not repeat the same terms and instead use variations in order to increase the chances of your product being found.




Anyone with the faintest idea about optimization must be aware about the value of backlinks from high quality websites in promoting a webpage. A link to the Play Store page of your app must be provided on your website or on the landing page created for it. Try to get as many backlinks from a multitude of reliable sources as possible by promoting it on various social media networks and other avenues like blogs. Approach bloggers and tech reviewers who specialize in this domain and request them to write about your service with a link inserted in them. The more such recommendations you gather, the better the chances of your product being identified by Google as reputable.

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A user is influenced by the ratings and most of them opt for a high ranked mobile app in a category believing it to be the most appropriate and beneficial choice. Google has a structure that takes into account not only the popularity but also quality related factors like render time, battery usage and crashes for deciding upon the ranking position. The number of downloads is a good indicator of the popularity but the tech giant also looks for the duration for which the service was installed on a device,  called the retention time for evaluating the quality. Any product that was installed but quickly discarded will get poor ratings and hence professional and well-known mobile app development companies should be hired for fashioning of such utilities.


App Indexing


In 2015 after couple of years of testing, Google launched an advantageous service for app owners which is now called the Firebase App Indexing. The user needs to submit the URLs of the app content which need to be the same as that provided on the website, thus verifying that both the entities are owned by the same person. Whenever the product shows up in a search result the icon along with a preview with images will be visible besides it, increasing the chances of a visitor clicking and going to the product page. Any visitor gets a better idea about the listing as compared to the simple text of general search results, which means that there are minimum chances of the amenity getting uninstalled quickly. This feature helps in the organic growth of a service which leads to an enhanced reputation translating into better ratings on the app store.

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An unwavering focus on quality along with thorough research and strategic planning for the promotion of the service is required to get the product included in the group of top ranked mobile apps and these tips will come in handy to any individual looking to achieve the objective.

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