Kitchen Cabinets and Its Three Most Popular Varieties

For any kitchen, it is the cabinet that acts as the backbone and will also at the same time add beauty, function, and value to the kitchen. A cabinet in simple terms is merely a box fixed on the wall. But after the layout, the subsequent most vital factor when it comes to the design of the kitchen is the selection of cabinets. Cabinets basically are of three types, namely tall, wall and base.

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These as well as come in variations and will help in storing specific cookware, dishware, display art or reinforce a style using a special cabinet design. The cabinets can also be combined for creating another type of cabinet. Stacked wall cabinets, for instance, can create a pantry or tall utility cabinet which will reach from the floor up to the ceiling. By combining wall and base cabinets you can make a unique design.

On the other hand, a cabinet that is drawer base can indeed be stacked with wall cabinets for configuring wall oven cabinets. The basic cabinet combination can be utilized for creating an endless variety of custom kitchens.

A close look at the 3 most widely used cabinets in the kitchen

The 3 most widely used cabinets in the kitchen are as follows,

  • Base Cabinets – This will set the footprint, especially for the floor plan as well as bear the maximum of the daily work. Such cabinets are fixed on the floor which supports the countertops. A kitchen island can be made from a base cabinet combined and fixed on site.
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  • Utility/Pantry Tall Cabinets – A utility or tall pantry cabinet will extend to the ceiling from the floor. This will offer about 4 cubic feet storage compared to a base and wall cabinet in the exact same space. As a pantry, this will offer storage for almost everything right from canned goods to small appliances. Besides, it can be configured for accommodating microwaves and built in ovens as well.


  • Wall Cabinets – This variety has the utmost design flexibility- glass door options, custom depth options, multiple widths and 3 different heights. A wall cabinet stacked like a tall and base cabinet from the floor to the ceiling will help in creating an accent wall which can store everything right from appliances to cookbooks. These cabinets can also be extended to the ceiling which means you can use high spaces to store special cookware and serve-ware that are not used frequently.

The kitchen is one of the most vital parts of the house. It is also called the heart or hub of the home. The kitchen is the place where we prepare food and also socialize. In short, it is the kitchen which helps in setting the mood and overall design for the remaining of the home. Besides, it is a remarkable feature and something that you will see when you go to the kitchen. The phrase “first impression counts” very much fits here.

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Hence, you should choose the best Kitchen Cabinets and ensure that the shelves and drawers are both functional as well as attractive. While redesigning the home’s interior what you pick for cabinets is highly imperative.

The cabinet which you choose along with defining the design and style of the kitchen will also at the same time affect the longevity, space and the convenience. If budget is a problem, then you can go for Discount Cabinets that are pretty good both in style and functionality.

For best results always choose the quality of the cabinet. Thicker and denser materials will be more durable and can automatically survive constant use. The bottom line is, spend some quality time, do some proper research and then make your pick.


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