Landing Page Design & Development for Best Results

Tips for Landing Page Design and Development for Best Results



Landing page design & development is a professional job that requires a lot of consideration. This page can be a home page or any other page that visitors land on. There are many aspects of web design that cannot be ignored. The most vital ones are the ones that affect your website rankings. For example, if you get the website developed by an amateur and he or she leaves behind a lot of garbage code, Google will send you an email telling you about the coverage issues that could affect the search results and asks you to fix the code as it affects your website standing.

Cloaked links to enhance rankings is a black hat technique. Your web designer and developer need to ensure that there are not many 404s or 302 or 301 on your website. 301 Redirect is a very effective tool to improve site ranking in organic search results but too many 301s can put you in a problem. 404s On the other hand, do not affect ranking but the links that contain URLs pointing to the 404s do. With a 302 redirect you get less search credit than a 301 redirect. But all these need to be used in moderation.

Landing pages drive the website visitors to land on a specific web page. It channels the visitors from a link within either emails or mail shots or social media posts or PPC ads posted on Facebook or Google.  These pages are often used for lead generation by businesses. They ask visitors to call them on the phone to get more information on their offers or fill out a form to give more information about what they want or their NAP.

Websites can have a home page and a landing page, but both have a slightly different purpose while both bring in traffic. Your website serves as the face of your business. It is your ambassador and your voice which helps people in making a decision about you. This decision is a simple one based on whether they like it or not. When the visitors like your website they will browse through the product line and make comparisons with other websites. If they find the content useful they will go ahead and get closer to your brand and even chat with you online or call you. This visitor then turns into a lead. Websites help bring in leads while doing the branding work for you. While a landing page is only used for lead generation as that is its sole purpose. These bring in more leads in shorter periods of time as compared to the website.

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Many businesses may be using a home page as a landing page and that is just fine. The task of a web designer and developer is to understand what the business wants its visitors to do while they are on the website. Do they want to collect reviews, case studies or want to get subscriber information such as names and email addresses?

A landing page has specific benefits and is often used as a marketing tool, while websites are used for branding. User actions are taken on landing pages. These pages are beneficial in many ways. Here are 5 of these benefits:

Increases Conversions

Good landing pages are created to boost customer awareness. The page allows them to take specific actions in an easy manner. In this sense, you can think of it as a call to action page. When these actions are taken they are called conversions. More actions mean more leads and hence more chances of making sales which means an increase in company revenues.

Good for Insights

The data that you collect on landing pages help you create insights. Learn more about what the consumers need or think about your current promotions. You can even ask them how they feel about your upcoming products and in this manner, you can have input from the market to refine your goods or services. All data collected on landing pages help you get a good handle on the target market and set better business goals. Doing business will be more effective when you get closer to the target audience and a landing page allows you to do just that. Using A/B testing tools allows you to test various elements of the landing page.

Assists with Business Goals

If you want to reach a niche market or promote new products or services a landing page will help you out. You can engage prospects and convert them into buyers. These pages increase sales as they allow you to target specific segments of the market. You can focus on specific groups of people and collect data on consumer likes and dislikes. This way they help with marketing research and goals by steering you in the right direction. Visitors can request consultations or buy products or subscribe to the newsletter on landing pages.

Helps Build Email Lists

Landing pages can have links to a form that users can fill to get new offers or newsletters. These are added to a mailing list and every time you have a new business message it will be shared to all those on that list. This way, the chances of making sales are higher.

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Great for PPC Campaigns

Paid campaigns do very well when the landing page is designed well.  From your PPC campaign ad, a link goes out to the website.  It could be a home page or a specific product page. Many companies get special pages designed for specific campaigns to get the best results.  This helps with lead generation. If you are running a campaign for kitchen cabinets, have a page designed for the specific products that you are currently advertising. Your web designer will include all elements of the campaign and make it very user-friendly. The specificity of information gives users a different and a better experience which cannot be offered by a home page which can be distracting at such times when you want the visitor to focus on just one product.

Besides the above benefits, a landing page will also help your business get more credibility. You can do the marketing tasks better using specific objectives and optimized content. Your business message is delivered more clearly, and this helps you gain more trust. Using testimonials on landing pages helps gain faith and prospects act faster when they learn that others are happy with your product or service. With more trust in the target market, your brand will be more popular. The more brand awareness you have the better market share you can win.

The landing page design & development has to be consistent with branding. The brand image needs to be in tandem with other marketing collateral you have. Designers focus on what the business goals are and how to achieve these. They make the landing page as easy to use as possible. If you want to make fast sales, get one designed and see how it works.

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