Live in the home of your dreams

Our homes are always very special to us. We like to unwind after a hard day at school or work. It is the place where we can be ourselves and forget about all our troubles, anxieties or any other such negative things. So it is always important to take care of our home and keep it beautiful and repair it whenever necessary. Get some wonderful ideas for bringing out the beauty of your home.



A material that has been in use for centuries, marble is again becoming a trend. It is now being used for a wide variety of purposes. Having a combination of marble and brass in the kitchen or bathtub is currently one of the trends to look out for. Going monochrome is another.

Cerused finish on wood

This was a technique that was invented by the French in the 16th century to prevent the wood from rotting. It also emphasizes the difference in the grain with the surface. While any hardwood having an open grain can be used, oak is the preferred choice.

Subway tiles

This is one of those trends that can be adapted in different ways. These tiles were originally meant for subway stations which have become fashionable enough to be sported in homes, hotels and restaurants. This can be used either as it is or can be used in combination with other types of tiles as well for a more fun look.

Artisan is “IN”

Anything that is artisan made is now in fashion instead of Do-it-yourself projects as was the trend earlier. So go for beautiful artisan furniture, home decor and other lovely items that you can use to decorate your home. You can also get a wide variety handicrafts and traditional products along with providing employment to those who are involved.

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Frequent flea markets and second-hand shops

These are the places where we can find some really interesting things. It is important to be careful and you will find that these places can be a treasure trove of many unique and pocket-friendly things if you take the trouble to go there and be ready to move around. The key is to explore and build up a talent in spotting the good buys from the vast clutter of items available.

Color it right

Our mood can get influenced by what we see. Also, we can create a unique and different look to our homes if we go with our likes, tastes and preferences. Darker colors are in general stimulating and increase energy levels whereas lighter colors can help people to relax and feel peaceful. Use a combination of colors while deciding the theme of a room as it includes the paint or wallpaper on the walls, drapes, carpets, furniture and other furnishings. You can balance the effect of one color in one part of the decor by going with something different in another part.

Utilize basement and attic

In most homes, these 2 areas are the most neglected and usually used to just store things that are the least required or are used only in some particular season. But if you can think of any innovative ideas, both these places can be transformed into something that can become much more useful. So you can create anything that you want to if you spend some time, effort and even some money if necessary and come out with innovative ideas that fit the space that you have. Some interesting ideas are adding an extra bedroom, a dedicated play area for the children, a party zone or a place where you can have movie marathons with your friends.

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Our homes are quite special for us. You need to get very creative and innovative with ideas if you want to live in a beautiful home. Along with that, be ready to spend your time and effort in experimenting and trying out new ideas. The best part is that while some ideas may need some money, others might require what you already have.

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