Missing Roof Shingles and How to Deal With It?

The roofing shingles are made of many different materials such as asphalt, fiberglass, laminated shingles, solar reflective shingles, etc. The shingles on their own are a protective layer against weather changes, but sometimes the shingles may have endured the damage for so long that the shingles can granulate and can go away in the rain. There are many other reasons that the roofing shingles can go missing.

Missing Roof Shingles and How to Deal With It

Most reasons for missing roof shingles are natural causes. The shingles can easily be damaged if the weather condition worsens. Different weather condition affects differently on the roof shingles. Here are some of the weather conditions that can cause the roofing shingles to go missing.

Heavy rainfall– This is commonly seen in many states of America where driving rain is frequent in the monsoon season. Heavy rainfall has the potential to severely damage your roofing shingles, especially old roofing shingle. Sometimes the rain weakens the roofing shingles and the wind can cause the shingles to go away.

Hails– The hail can damage the shingles and can cause the shingle to break. The damage is completely depended on the size of the hail. Generally, the smaller piece of hail will bounce off the roof but the larger hail can cause the shingles to break. Even though smaller pieces bounce off the roof, it can scrape the prWriting Sample:

protective coat that protects the shingles against sun and rain.


Missing Roof Shingles and How to Deal With It

Heavy wind– Heavy wind can cause the weaker shingle tiles to blow away. This can create a gap in the shingle line-up. Hence the heavy winds are also one of the reasons that shingles go missing.

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The above-mentioned reasons can damage your roof seriously which can cause water leaks and roof decaying. Although the house owners and contractors opt for roofing underlayment so that they can prevent leaks and other damages to the roof. There are many roofing underlayments such as LayfastSBS that is made of modified bitumen which can last longer than the normal underlayment felt that are available in the market.

But it is still important to fix the roof shingles because of the exposed roof and the chances of animals making their nest on the roof are also high. Therefore, missing shingles should be fixed immediately without delay with good quality materials. Here are some methods that can show you how to spot missing shingles on the roof.

Makes sure they stay flat

When the shingles are laid on the roof, they are meant to stay flat on the surface and if you spot any buckling shingles then it is time to get the roof checked. The roofing shingles can buckle due to several reasons such as heat, wind, or poor installation of the shingles. The buckling shingles can break and create a gap in the shingle placing. Hence these factors should be considered to maintain the roof.

Look for losing coating

The shingles are available in a Wholesale Roofing Shingles packages and each shingle is coated with a protective layer that protects the roof from the rain and sun. If you see these coating losing then the shingles are vulnerable to heat and rain which can cause the shingles to wrinkle and, in turn, cause shingle damage.

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Look out for shingle granulation in the gutters

The shingles that are old can granulate and can be found in the gutter. If you look out for these problems then you will realize that the shingles are old and needed to be replaced. The granulated shingles can easily be damaged by the natural conditions.

How to deal with it?

The missing shingles can be dealt with two methods. The first method is repairing the missing shingles and the second being replacing the complete shingles. These both methods are effective in putting an end to your roofing problems but both these methods get differentiated based on the budget that you have on the roof. Repairing the roof will considerably more cost-efficient than replacing the complete roof. Apart from the budget, the decision also depends on the magnitude of damage that your roof had taken. If you have minor damages then you can get your roof repaired and vice versa. Hence here are some methods to spot damage on the roof and how to deal with it.

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