Shortcomings of iOS 11


Things to take into consideration about IOS 11

iOS 11 has been a major release of operating systems for Apple in the September of 2017. It has given people the feel of a new refreshing phone without actually purchasing one. It has proven to be different from iOS 10 and introduced new innovative features in its updates. It has come up to the version of 11.2.5, however not everyone has updated their phones to the latest new mobile operating system and according to statistical data measured by the App Store, only 65% of the iOS devices have iOS 11 installed.

As of the rest of the users, most of them are still on iOS 10 (28%) or a rather earlier version of iOS (7%). In order to upgrade the iOS version it is necessary to have good and stable internet connection. In case of having bad connection, it would be more beneficial to delay the upgrade for later, or to get a mobile phone signal repeater in order to boost the signal. There is a mobile phone booster guide which will allow you to have a full picture on how to use it.

Moving on, iOS 11 has had its fair share of bugs as well, which have affected quite a whole lot of users that have installed it. Here are some of them that need to be taken into consideration.

1.     Speed

Installing iOS 11 can cause your phone to slow down if it’s not the latest version of iPhone (for example, iPhone 8,7,6). The older is your electronic device the more likely it is for it to slow down because of the new update. However, in order not to go back to iOS 10 for some people, the new version of iOS 11.1 partially solves this issue and tries to speed it up. In order to be able to alleviate the situation, you can try and free up some space on your phone. A good way to do it can be through the iPhone/iPad storage section of the General Settings. Otherwise, you can, of course, back up all the important information that you have and select “Erase all content and settings”. After you complete that action you can restore the data you’ve backed up.

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2.     Calculator

Ever since the upgrade to iOS 11 happened, many people have noticed a problem that has arisen with the calculator in their electronic devices. Whenever you have to calculate something with more than two numbers, the calculator gives out a wrong number. This is because of pressing the keys of the calculator too fast.  There is no definite solution to this, however you can try and press every key a lot slower in order to avoid stumbling upon a wrong number and ruining your calculations. If you do not want to press slower, you can opt for alternative applications that do the trick better.


3.     Battery

iOS 11 didn’t do a bad job on draining the battery life on the latest iPhone versions, however according to many users there was a battery life problem after the update to iOS 11.2 version. This update was causing a battery problem for iPhone 7 and 8 as well and several users have reported that the battery can last barely up to 12 hours and in extreme cases even less. iOS 11.2 came with a lot of other bugs too that were previously unnoticed. Apple has been working on the battery issue and the new updates of iOS 11.2.5 have partially made it better.

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4.     Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

In the new iOS 11 there is a new control center available for your electronic device that looks a lot more different and gives a refreshing feel to your phone. The control center has all the necessary features you may possibly need and you can have a quick access to it whenever you want. However, there is a confusion as to why the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth components are not working in the control center and why they are not switching on and off. Apple has explained this to be a way of disconnecting your phone from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in order to save more battery life, and in case you would like to connect your phone to a Wi-Fi or disconnect it you would have to do through settings as per usual. This can still pose a problem for many people because it can seem to be inconvenient and take more time to do it through settings rather than the control center.

Even if iOS 11 comes with several bugs, Apple is still working on them and getting them fixed. It is important to remember that for whatever bugs out there, the benefits are bigger, so enjoy your new iOS 11 and make the most out of it.

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