Tips for Enhancing the Beauty of Home by Using Custom Made Timber Doors

The timber doors are highly popular in all the residential buildings, due to the numerous benefits obtained from these good quality wooden doors. A well-designed entrance door of polished timber enhances the prestige of the homeowner, as well as sends a welcoming vibe to anyone entering the house. The high-quality timber makes the door durable for several decades increasing its longevity, with minimum maintenance required for its wellbeing. However, many house owners prefer custom made timber doors that reflects their personalized taste and style. The customization can be done by choosing the colour of the wood, natural designs of the varieties of timbers, size of the door, and type of finish applied on the timber of the door.


Various types of timber to design the custom-made timber doors to increase the beauty of the home are: 

  • There are different kinds of custom made timber doors available in the market, with which admirable front doors can be manufactured. If the house owner wants the front door to match the designs of the floor tiles, he may opt for Messmate timber.
  • If solidness of the door is the main criteria for the house owner, then Jarrah timber is the best option for his front door. Hence, this type of timber is also used for making the frames of the glass doors and the windows, for providing adequate support.
  • The red timber is rapidly used in making the garage doors and the plain kind of front doors, mainly to bring a rustic look to the house.
  • If the house owner wants to protect the front door from the damage caused due to rainwater or snow, Jarrah and Red Gum types of timber are good choices for the house. However, the door can be protected from harsh sunrays, by using any hard variety of timber.
  • The house can be given a modern look by making the front door from American Oak wood of a plain yellowish ash colour that makes the house look more sophisticated.
  • The red variety of Ironbark timber and the brown tone of Messmate timber provide warm and contemporary appearance to any coastal home.
  • The timber door can be made more durable by the application of a special finish that prevents any damage of the original colour of the timber from the harmful UV rays of sunlight.
  • The varieties in styles of making the doors can make the ideal custom made timber doors among which sliding doors, bi-folding doors, French doors, and Period style doors are most popularly used in most of the modern houses.
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How to choose the best custom timber door manufacturing company? 

  • Check the numbers of years spent in manufacturing timber doors for a local company, to be sure of the expertise of that company in making all types of wooden doors and windows for buildings.
  • Check the reputation of the timber door manufacturing companies on their websites, where the house owners can get an idea about the quality of the timber doors created by them and the variations in designs created for the customized timber doors.
  • It is better to check whether the craftsmen of the shortlisted company are properly trained and licensed to manufacture all styles of timber doors. Moreover, these craftsmen should be friendly in attitude towards their customers, so that the homeowners can explain their requirements regarding the installation of the custom doors of their choice.
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Therefore, the professional services provided for the creation of customized timber doors help people in getting the best doors at their homes, which make their house exceptional from the other nearby buildings.

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