Travel Guide:Top 4 Things To do During Your Leisure Time In Manila

Things To do During Your Leisure Time In Manila

Are you going to travel to Manila? Here are the Top 4 things to do in Manila,

In this day and age, a lot of people are busy with work. Sometimes they never had any time to go somewhere they wanted and ought to go. That’s why people always take advantage of long weekends, holidays and breaks. It’s an opportunity to explore new and rediscover places you’ve already visited before to make new experience and memories.

Every person has different choices when it comes to their go-to destinations. Some want to explore other countries while some want to explore the hidden gems of places they knew by heart such as Manila. While there, here are the four things to do in Manila during your leisure time.


Go to the historical museums

People who are fond of learning new things are likely to visit any historical places such as a museum. For them, going to galleries is the best idea because they will gain new knowledge about the place and its history by looking the old artifacts that are displayed in the showroom. You can check some museums that can be found in Manila such as National Museums, Bahay Tsinoy, San Agustin Museum, etc.

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Visit premier resorts in Manila

While the majority of the hotels and other accommodation types offer resort-like azure and infinity pools such as Solaire Resort’s, there are many other private resorts in the area. People go here to destress. One perfect example is Ace Water Spa. Established in early 2004 under the name of Ace water Health & Spa Center Inc., all the water-related facilities such as floor fountain, bucket splash and lazy river aim to rejuvenate the body. It also features kiddie pools. The indoor swimming pool is located in Pasig.


Explore the adventure parks

If you have the bravest of heart, you are most likely to favor experiencing new things. These are the people who want to test their limits and take the risk. Your adventurous spirit can be further uplifted here in Manila—the concrete jungle that everyone knows. Throughout the megacity, there are several adventure parks including Trampoline Park-Gravity Zone, Flying Trapeze Philippines, Global Gutz Paintball, etc.


Discover eco-friendly places

Manila has very distinct locations for the nature lovers or those who find relaxation in watching the surrounding natural beauty as well. Some environmental places to visit are the La Mesa Eco Park which is an ecological nature reserve in Quezon City, Ayala Triangle Gardens and Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center. Speaking of La Mesa Eco Park, it’s the last forest of its size in the metropolis where you can go swimming, fishing, biking, zip line, bungee jumping, picnic, and other activities.

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Remember, when going to a place, you must be prepared for all the situations might happen during your trip. Make a plan where to go and when you will do the activities. Then arrange all the things you might need just like extra cash, food, spare t-shirt and et. It pays to be prepared everywhere you may go. And lastly, always pray to God so that you will be guided wherever you are going.

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