Top 5 Amazing Home Improvements Of 2017

When it comes to home improvement ideas; sky is the limit. You can get as much creative as you want while staying in your budget only if you execute your plans properly. Over the recent years; we have seen tremendous development in the field of home décor and experts have experimented with various color schemes, patterns and interior decorative ideas boldly.

Let’s explore top 5 amazing ideas for home improvement of 2017 if you are planning to give your home a beautiful and chic look while staying in your finances at the same time

  1. Refashioned Kitchen:

 Top 5 Amazing Home Improvements Of 2017

Your kitchen defines your home. Since, kitchen is where the food is and food is where the heart is! Therefore, it is very important that you check out all the budget friendly options to restructure your kitchen that would give it a trendier look.


Repainting the cabinets, expansion of the sink area and addition of automatic dish washing/recycling equipment are some of the kitchen improvement trends that have become immensely popular over the recent years. Make sure that you adapt one of these to establish a beautiful look to your kitchen.



  1. Take Care Of The Basement:


While the cold winter season is upon us and so are the holidays; here’s the perfect chance to rearrange the attic or basement to enjoy long coffee breaks with your favorite people and stay warm and cozy at the same time. Paint it well, arrange the furniture and don’t forget to add a bedside table with a beautiful table lamp so you can enjoy long hours of reading with your favorite thriller while there is snowing outside.

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Top 5 Amazing Home Improvements Of 2017 - Take Care Of The Basement


Sounds perfect isn’t it? This trend has become very popular and is strongly recommended by home décor experts as well. You can try it too!


  1. Main Door Is Important:


The front door represents your home. It is the gateway to your haven. Home improvement experts emphasize on the importance of having a well-decorated and grand front door as it will reflect the entire entrance of your home.

Top 5 Amazing Home Improvements Of 2017 - Main Door Is Important


You can place potted plants near it or you can hang beautiful hangings on the door saying ‘welcome’ or any golden quote about home and family. Moreover, hanging a beautiful garland of flowers on a wooden crafted main door especially during the holiday season is always a good idea.


  1. Interior Lighting:


Chandeliers, table lamps, energy savers and light bulbs they all add to the beauty of your home. Latest developments are seen in lighting equipment in homes in which you can add a chandelier to your ceiling that would give a perfect ambiance of a forest when turned on and you can even see the shadows of trees on the walls. Isn’t that awesome?

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Top 5 Amazing Home Improvements Of 2017 - Interior Lighting




Moreover, variety of table lamps are available that can be matched with the curtains and cool blankets of your bedroom or energy savers with different colored bulbs as well.


  1. Book Racks Are Beautiful:


Nothing can beat the importance of having a stylish and grand wooden book rack that can be painted in any color you want. You can have a book rack with as many shelves as you can and you can also add decorative items and family portraits on the rack as well.

Book Racks Are Beautiful


Since holiday season is all about relaxing at home; there’s nothing more perfect than revamping or buying a trendy book rack where your favorite books are placed by the fire place along with a huge leather sofa to cuddle in over a cup of coffee.


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