Top 5 Ways to Give Your Home An Industrial Look

Top 5 Ways to Give Your Home An Industrial Look


The interior decoration theme of industrial style is not that old; it can be traced back to 1970s when the artist community started using empty and abandoned old industrial buildings as their studios. Art sprouted in these broken and seemingly haunted buildings which had stood for decades. Personally, I like this theme better for one particular reason: its sturdy look. And it’s also very easy to achieve because there really aren’t any intricacies involved in it. If you’re thinking about applying this theme in your house’s interior, let me give you a few tips; these are some underlying notes you need to focus on to get that perfect industrial look.


Weathered Wood

It’s clear that back when the old buildings were made, concrete, steel, and wood was the primary building materials. Wood weathers over the time, so this is what we are aiming at here. To achieve that weathered look on the wood, you don’t necessarily have to use old wood. Just grab some wood paint and varnish, apply the paint and texture it with a piece of fabric. Or you can seek help from someone who is an expert. Another option is to find such wooden planks from a thrift store that sells furniture remnants or just old planks of wood.

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Exposed Piping

Piping and electronic fixtures used to be exposed back then, especially in industrial structure. You must have noticed large steel or even PVC piping right out on the wall. Of course, you can’t ‘adorn’ all the walls with that, but it’s a good idea to leave an open-ended pipe exposed somewhere in the corner where it catches the eye.


The Bricks!

You know what the most appealing feature of this theme was? The red bricks without any cement layer topping them off. To get this look, you can either buy brick veneers, or you can use a wallpaper, i.e., if you do not plan on building a red brick wall or the entire house with it in the first place. In any case, a focal bricked wall should be considered an essential.



The lighting is not supposed to be fancy. I know you must be tempted to use chandeliers and other beautiful crystal lamps, but that just doesn’t go with the theme. Make sure you install lighting that suits the interior. An overhead flashlight like holders with warm, yellow light is just perfect. Light holders play an essential role in the look of the place.

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Once again, be careful about the furniture you’re buying. It has to go with the theme. You cannot choose intricately patterned wood sofas. Prefer a black leather sofa instead. Just keep the theme in your consideration. This desk would be a valuable addition due to its smoldering industrial look and other helpful features such as height adjustability.

Getting an industrial look in your space is not that hard, you just need the right aesthetic, and you have got to know what you want your place to look like. The rest comes naturally; I hope this helps. Have a good day!



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