Top 7 Ways to make your search engine optimization more effective

Top 7 Ways to make your search engine optimization more effective

If you are looking for some major growth for your company in a digital space, Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) has become one of the leading areas to work upon. SEO is all about designing your website in a way that it improves its ranking in organic search results on Search Engine Result Page ( SERP’s ). With key concepts of Relevance, Discoverability and Crawalability – it optimizes the target audience and drives relevant traffic to the site for better conversion.


Here are few of the ways SEO can be more effective –

  1. The first step in SEO – Keyword Research : Keyword Research is regarded as the core for ranking your website in Google. It is essential to use the right keyword in order to serve the right audience with the right content at the right place. It would lead to more traffic, more customer, and more revenue. Choosing the right keywords that relate closely to your business or industry can make a huge difference to develop search engine marketing campaigns.

As per a reputed SEO services provider Tangensys, an intensive keyword research strategy is a must for successful search marketing. Once you know the right set of keywords you want to target, strategizing the keyword is the next essential part.


Few key points to note for Keyword Research Strategy –

  • Focus on long tail keyword rankings as they are less common keywords that give a better advantage for search marketers. They are less competitive and more targeted.
  • Group and organize keyword group for higher rankings that would lead to more targeted PPC ads, landing pages and stronger information architecture.


  1. Create QUALITY content and adhere to originality : Quality content is an essence for SEO and is a huge ranking factor. As per the statistics recorded, about 70 % of marketers lacks integrated content strategy. It should be a key aspect of every SEO strategy as quality content is anything that Google decides if it is worth sharing. Crafting fulfilling well assembled content is something that addresses the searchers’ needs to improve your chances to earn top rankings.


Quality content leads to higher ranking and higher conversions. Good quality texts also have lower bounce rates and will result in higher conversions on your website. At the same time, sticking to originality will ensure that you are maintaining post quality content.

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Key tips to create high value content –

  • Get to know your readers.
  • Talk in their language.
  • Keep the focus on customers, not selling.
  • Curate content for every stage of the sales funnel.
  • Go an extra mile to create content on regular basis.



  1. Improve your page load time : Page speed, often described as page load time, refers to the measurement of how fast the content on your page loads. Page speed is a major ranking factor and can have major impact on your audience user experience. Google compares your website to the other competitors on various segment, also giving bonus points.


A slow page load is penalized by the Google leaving to major impact on ranking on mobile as well desktop services.

Few factors you should focus on improving your speed of the page

  • Picking a right host that fits the size of the business is a must.
  • Make sure that the images are not too large. Prefer format PNG and JPEG for images.
  • It is always better to host the videos on your server.
  • Make sure you test your website on all the browsers as it does not load the same way for all.
  • Too much ads can slow down the speed of the page.
  • Improve server response time.
  • Use a content distribution network.



  1. Optimize on-site elements across your site :

One of the most important elements of your website content are title tags and meta description. The <title> tag refers to the title of the document which gives user a quick insight into the content of your webpage. However, it is primary information with the Meta description.

Key tips to write good title tag and Meta description –

  • Watch your title length and maintain it under 60 characters whereas for Meta description tags stick to 150 to 160 characters.
  • Don’t over – do SEO keywords I.e. Avoid Keyword Spamming and target a unique keyword.
  • Give every page a unique title as well as every page on your website shall have unique Meta description.
  • Make sure you put important keywords first
  • Write for your customers.


  1. Earn links: Websites that receive more inbound links are likely to rank higher in search engine. The more the inbound links you obtain from high quality, high authority sites – the better the website can rank in the search engine result page or SERP’s.
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It is advisable not to buy links as it is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. The good quality of quantitative and qualitative inbound links have a major impact on the ranking of the website. However, on the long run, it is not advisable as search engine are good at detecting suspicious and manipulative links – leading to fall in search engine ranking.

Key tips for a good inbound link –

  • It should come from authoritative website.
  • Using the proper anchor text.


  1. Make navigation easy and optimize Website Using Internal Links: Creating internal and external link is another powerful way to increase SEO benefit. Highlighting pages that are important in site structure leads to an important point for Google. It is essential for the users from usability, user experience and conversion point of view.

Basic tips to follow –

  • Build clear text links to all the parts of the sites.
  • Make sure your navigation plains are simple and avoid using Flash.


  1. Make sure you are Natural in all ways: It is always essential to post quality content and maintain the element of originality. Sticking to the plan of original content and disregarding unintentional duplication is a good idea. Proper formatting and a user friendly layout can overall improve the experience of the user. Also, making the content easy to use and readability helps to increase the ranking of the page.

Major tips to be natural –

  • Focus on creating content that is useful for the users.
  • Always focus on usability and user experience.

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