Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence has arrived, and it is actively being used to shape mainstream solutions by most of the industries. Autonomous cars, self-sustained vehicle maintenance systems, route optimization and whatnot, Applications of Artificial Intelligence are stretching the limits of constraints that the biggest industries have always had; thus, redefining the word constraints itself. If we talk about how serious the market is about AI, the figures say quite a lot. According to a research by Forbes, by 2035, AI would influence the global productivity by more than 40%. Consequently, the market for the same would achieve capitalization of $59.8 billion by 2025, in which Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) would share almost $19.86 billion.

If the above stats don’t get you interested in knowing how AI is changing your life at this very instant, we have no idea on what can. But assuming you are curious about this, here is a part of the picture AI is drawing for a better tomorrow:


Better Education with Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence has given us the freedom to learn like we never had. On various mobile application distribution systems like Play Store, App Store, Windows Store, we have unique mobile applications with AI-integration that have simplified the learning process and also guide learners to choose what to learn and how to learn. Applications like BYJU’s come with features like personalized learning, topic recommendations as per the user’s performance, performance tracking and much more. Apart from BYJU’s, there are many other AI-powered apps developed by top mobile app development companies that allow parents to check performance of their kids and help them to improve their understanding of that particular area.


Intelligent and Streamlined Logistics

Most of the challenges in logistics sector exist because of its size of operations, which makes it quite difficult to be brought under the umbrella of a unified system. The advent of AI, however, has changed our perception on that. AI-backed solutions for Route Optimization, Inventory Management, self-sustained vehicle maintenance and real-time tracking have made it easier for logistics companies to organize their operations, cut-costs on transportation, complete time bound deliveries with optimized routes and a lot more that is yet to be discovered. Real-time tracking helps logistics companies a credible image among customers by providing them with an accurate idea about the time of delivery.

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Fortified Manufacturing with AI-powered Solutions

The most prominent use of AI can be seen in the automotive industry where Robotics powered by Machine Learning – a subset of Artificial Intelligence – is often breaking the barriers and setting up new standards. According to Statista, the worldwide sales of industrial robots from 2010 to 2016 shot up by 500%, which is a quite an indication of how AI has influenced manufacturing. Asia being one of the major industrial regions, received industrial robots shipments with more than 200,000, while America and Europe together accounting for approximately 100,000 units. This exponential increase in the acceptance of robots is remarkable, which says a lot about how we are going to see more applications of machine learning in the manufacturing sector in the coming years.


Improved Healthcare Services with AI-integration

Among the many applications of AI in Medicine, Robot-assisted surgery is one of the most prominent ones the world has seen. And the thing is, robot-assisted surgery is not a new thing, it has only got better with AI. At present, with the help of AI, we have achieved precision, and integrated human insights in medical surgery. In the field of paramedicine, artificial intelligence development companies have already optimized supply chain management for medicines, and has introduced smarter ways of scheduling appointments with doctors and physicians. An allied field of medicine and healthcare – Prosthetics, which deals with building artificial devices to replace missing body parts in amputees, has got an all new dimension to its printing mechanism with 3D-printing, a branch of additive manufacturing. Currently, 3D-printing is actively being used for manufacturing artificial skin, airway splints, facial reconstruction, and orthopaedic implants.

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The advent of AI has given us much more than we expected. And that is because AI is all about evolving to make itself better and not stay in one place. In terms of functionality, there are no limits to what AI is capable of in future, because one, it is programmable, and two, it learns on its own. This adaptive nature of AI is what makes it suitable for all industries, and from what is already right before us, AI companies would have integrated Artificial Intelligence, elementarily, in our daily lives within a decade or two.

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