Top Reasons that can lead to Hyperpigmentation and other similar skin ailments

Winter is the most soothing word like the weather itself. It is cold and calm which is gives immense pleasure to our eyes but is it the same for skin too??  A big no!! Winters are quite harsh for our skin, as it damages the upper layer of our skin completely. Winters affects our body from inside also.

This is not only for women, but everyone has to take care of their skin, as winter’s attacks on kids the most. Our skin dries out completely during winters and forms a white layer all over the skins which causes rashes and irritation. Sometimes these conditions may lead to skin pigmentation.

One can consider numerous remedies for Hyperpigmentation treatment and other related skin ailments.

Top Reasons that can lead to Hyperpigmentation


Before knowing about the proper regimen for winters, one should know about how it affects our skin.

Reasons for harsh skin

Change of weather

Our skins adapt the weather we are already living in, so when winters arrive our skin is not completely ready to accept the weather which turns into a dry layer over the skin.

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Due to cold and dry breeze

Cold, dry wind takes away the moisture from our body which lets our skin to dry out completely, and a white dry layer covers our skin, which can further cause rashes and irritation.

U.V rays

If you are seeking ways how to get rid of Hyperpigmentation, you need to first analyze the actual cause.  People prefer to sit in the sun more in winters due to cold which is harmful to our skin as the ultraviolet rays damage the layer of skin and form sunburns.

how to get rid of Hyperpigmentation


Woolen attire

Some people are allergic to woolen clothes which cause rashes on our skin.

Lack of nutrients

Due to excess cold people couldn’t see each much and jumps on heavy food made of sugar and ghee which is a sign of improper diet and leads to various skin problems. One can prefer the use of Cysteamine cream for reducing skin ailments like pigmentation.

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Lack of sleep

Our skin and body need proper 8-10 hours of sleep daily. People usually could not make that during winters so it could also be a major cause for various kinds of skin problems.


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