Top Tips to Utilise Social Media in Customer

It is evident that social media has opened up new areas of opportunities for sales and marketing. The recent influx of social media users around the globe has enabled many companies – both large and small – to target a broader market and improve their business bottom line.

However, the social media sphere offers much more than just new business opportunities. One significant way that social media can help your business succeed is through customer service. However, doing so requires intuitive understanding on how social media differs from another channel; a lousy customer service in a place where the whole world can see can see your mistake can impact your reputation and the future of your business intensely.

Using it right, however, can connect your brand with your target audience in a more personal and intimate way than ever before possible. Excellent customer service often always leads to higher customer loyalty and more sales.

According to a Twitter poll in 2015, airline customers would be willing to pay $2.33 more for the same or enhanced service if a social response is provided in 67 minutes or more. Even more incredible, customers would be willing to pay an astounding $19.83 more if a response is provided within just six minutes.

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Simply put that social media enables for a quick and more efficient service that meets the demand of today’s digital society. Here are six tips to consider when using social media channels in providing top-notch customer service that today’s consumers are looking for:

  1. Use the Social Media Platforms That Match Your Business Needs – By going to where your customers are, you can deliver a support experience that’s native to their preferred network.
  2. Monitor Social Media Mentions – To fully maximize the potential of social media, you need a tool that will alert you when your brand is mentioned by your customers who have not yet followed your business profile.
  3. Use the Right Tone of Voice – Your tone of voice has an immense impact on how customers perceive your customer service. To have the right tone of voice, you need to take note of the cues that your customers use when conveying their issues on social media, and then incorporate those into your customer service support strategy.
  4. Remember the Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media – Understand the basic social media etiquette to make sure that your campaign will not result in a backlash.
  5. Make Use of Knowledge Base – FAQs and how-to guides posted on your website can help you deliver faster customer service and ensure that your customer gets all the necessary answer they are looking.
  6. Know When to Take an Issue Offline – Taking the issue offline is necessary if the problem requires technical analysis or when the customer has many gripes to address.
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Learn more about the tips to efficiently utilize social media in your customer service by checking out this infographic from Global Outsourcing.

Social Media in Customer Service

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