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One of the most essential parts of any house is the bathroom, as it is necessary for us to fulfill some of our basic needs. For all its importance, however, it’s one of the parts of any house that barely receives extra attention when it comes to renovations as opposed to other rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms. This isn’t intentional for many – but a bathroom only becomes neglectable due to the fact that it’s only ever used when necessary, and it’s seldom that one spends and inordinate amount of time unlike other rooms in the house.

While most would classify the need for bathroom renovations mainly only on the state of the fixtures and its relative cleanliness, it’s actually not enough to just stop there. It’s vital that you know about the different kinds of bathrooms in the event that you choose to renovate your bathroom or even check out the bathroom(s) of the house you’re thinking of purchasing.

In the construction world, there are 4 typical types of bathrooms that homeowners can choose from. While each aim to provide the same service and function, every type has a different layout, composition, design, and size – which are all designed so that they suit the different types of needs of different types of people.

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Here are the different types of bathroom, as explained by this infographic by Luxury Commercial Bath:

  1. Master Bathroom – One of the most private and relaxing spaces, the master bathroom is often designed to set a relaxing mood. It is a full bath that adjoins to the master bedroom. This type of bathroom might include double vanities with sinks and mirror for his and hers, a toilet in a semiprivate compartment, sauna or steam shower, soaking or whirlpool tub, storage for linens, and many more amenities.
  2. Full Bathroom – Contrary to popular belief, a full bathroom is not synonymous to a master bathroom. This type of bathroom is also one of the most popular among homeowners. Full bathrooms are generally used amongst the whole family, making it a high-traffic area that should be strategically positioned in a common space for everyone.
  3. Three-Quarter Bathroom – Usually small, but large enough to include a shower, a vanity or a sink, a toilet, and probably storage shelves. This type of bathroom is suitable for houses with limited space, like studio units or one-bedroom condominium rooms. Despite its simplicity, it has everything you need for every hygienic function.
  4. Powder Room – The smallest type of bathroom a home can have, but it can still make a big impact. A powder room contains the following: a small vanity or sink, mirror, and a toilet. Powder rooms are great for entertaining homes and can serve as a guest bathroom. It can also be great for large families who are in need of extra facilities. Powder rooms also add to the value of your home, so a beautifully-designed one can do wonders.
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Learn more about these types of bathrooms and what suites your lifestyle the best by reading the infographic now!

Different Types of Bathrooms-Infographic


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