What is a gated community in India?

gated community in India

Have you heard of any gated community around your place?

Once I was visiting my friend’s residence in a gated community in Chennai. It was a well established gated community villa in Chennai OMR. I have no idea, how a gated community works? Before reaching, I have browsed their web pages and found many images and visuals promoting their establishment.

While I reached there, the security guard didn’t allow me easily. He asked me to sign the register, with all of my details and he checked with the proof I have got. The security force was too strict, so no trespassers or unknown nowhere could be allowed just like that. After this visit, I had a chance to visit some of the gated communities around India. These people satisfy the customer’s need and fill them with happiness.

A proper safety impressed me at the first instinct. When you take up the standalone homes, the beggars, salespersons, unknowns could disturb as now and then. But here they are out of all such distracting activities.

When you enter a gated community, it can be bounded by a lot of useful amenities. I am sure that, these people will never get bored. To list up their accessing facilities are, playing arena, indoor games, outdoor games, clubhouse, swimming pool, library, yoga centre, beauty spa, unisex gym, party hall, shopping store etc. It was like a little city inside this community environment.

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They don’t have to worry about the parking slots; each one is provided separate parking slots. All-time security, safety, power backup, lifts usage etc. The flats or villas will be built with the today’s natural resistance technology and extended with the contemporary style interior design. If any issues, you are always be allowed to inquire about it.

How could this be possible? Though I found out, how the gated community works? They have a separate CRM (Customer relationship management) team and a hard-working technical team to guide people.

You will get a great lifestyle quotient when you own a house or flat in some of the gated community in India. They are levelling their good reach but approaching the customers with good deeds.

A comparison with the stand-alone buildings, the gated community are far better in all the way. And any kinds of facilities are under your reach. You don’t have to travel long for all your needs. A relaxed and safe living ambience is created to safeguard us. We will become modernized and can able to experience a lively peace around the space. No more annoying sounds, neighbors, trespasser to be handled. How amazing life will it is? I have also planned to buy a villa in the gated community in the near future for a sophisticated life. Hope you people got an idea of what a gated community in India is?

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