Window Cleaning Hacks: How To Make Your Home’s Windows Shine

Window Cleaning Hacks

If your home windows are clean, it will leave a lasting impression on your guests. It is important to clean your windows to keep your home germ free and well dust proof. Bright sparkling windows can also enhance the look of your home decor.

Most people find cleaning windows a tedious task. If you are one of those, then you can opt for window cleaning services in NJ that offer complete window cleaning solutions for your home. For the rest of you, it is easy to clean your windows with these simple hacks, continue reading.

  1. Home cleaning solution

You can make your own DIY window cleaner to make your windows shine. For this, simply add one part of vinegar in two parts of distilled water. Squeeze some lime juice in it. Some people also add soap solution in this. Mix well and use it for cleaning your windows. You can gently use a squeegee and sponge for cleaning of windows. This will help to remove dirt from your windows making them shine.

  1. Use a microfiber cloth

Do you know a microfiber cloth actually traps dust and dirt? It’s a good idea to use a microfiber cloth for cleaning of windows. A microfiber cloth unlike a plain cloth absorbs dust on your windows making them clean. Use it in a single direction for cleaning of windows. You can prevent streaks on the windows by using it gently and removing all the residue and dust. Use this cloth on a daily basis for cleaning of windows.

  1. Use a compressor or vacuum
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Air compressor is great for removing the dirt from hidden corners and those places that are hard to clean. Air compressor or vacuum cleaner can suck the dust easily and clean your home windows in a perfect way. You can use air compressor once a week for cleaning of windows.

  1. Use squeegee in the right way

Many people complain that squeegee causes streaks on the windows and that is the reason they don’t use it. But, this is not true. If you use squeegee in the right way, there won’t be any streaks and it will make your windows shine too.

You need to wipe off the blade after each swipe that you make on your window. Keep changing when you think it gets dull, use a small squeegee for your bedroom windows. If you use it in the correct way, it can leave your windows clean and sparkling.

  1. Use a blackboard eraser
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If you are wondering how to clean your windows with a blackboard eraser, then it is quite simple. You just need to run the eraser all across your window to get rid of steaks and stains. With soft static strokes, you can leave your home windows clean and spotless. Do use it when you clean your windows next time.

Use a Q-tip for corners to remove dust, use a soft towel to wipe your windows on a daily basis. You can also opt for window cleaning services in NJ for complete cleaning needs. Always stock up on cleaning tools and you won’t face an issue for cleaning of windows. Choose a hack that suits you to make your windows spotlessly clean.

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