Year 2018 Picks Of The Top 5 Construction Management Software

Top 5 Construction Management Software for 2018

Project management is an integral part of any project that is undertaken irrespective of its size. In fact the success of the same depends on good project management tactics. The utility of this is best seen in the construction industry wherein there are a number of things that keep happening at the same time and where multi-tasking is the key to success.

Project management specifically used for the construction Companies is known as the construction management software. In fact in the past few years the need for this software has gradually progressed from being casual to being essential and completely mandatory. Today this software has advanced to a level wherein it is also able to:

  • Assess the construction risk of a project and
  • Help in cost control with the use of an accounting kit.

This is in addition to being able to manage procurement and proper use of materials purchased, make an estimation of the cost and manage the day to day workings of the construction project. With a number of construction management software available in the market today, it is difficult to understand which will make for better software. Hence a list of the top 5 construction management software becomes a necessity. Based on the features offered a list of the same would include the following:

  • CoConstruct: Basically designed for architectural firms, construction companies and clients, this software offers both mobile based and web based applications. Its functionality modules help in the management of certain critical project related tasks like activity planning and scheduling, budgeting, client communication etc. An intuitive interface which is absolutely easy to use is generally cloud hosted thus doing away with the constant need for installations, updations and maintenance. Its biggest advantage is its flexibility and ability to adapt to constantly changing construction industry concepts. The offer of a free demo makes it easier for construction companies to assess its utility to their firm.
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  • PlanGrid: This is a good and sophisticated software which deals with online construction thereby offering great opportunities for collaborating on the different aspects of construction from anywhere and everywhere irrespective of whether the person uses a laptop, desktop or a mobile. Having the ability to store digital blueprints to the tune of 30million pages or even more, this software also helps control cost and schedule overruns.


  • Procore: Three ideas form the core of this construction management software. They are:
    • To listen to the issues faced by the customers,
    • To develop easy systems based on these issues and
    • To ensure that the clients or customers are able to use these solutions almost immediately after they are developed.


Top 5 Construction Management Software for 2018

This creation of an easy to use intuitive technology helps in its fast implementation and widespread use while ensuring higher returns on investments.

  • Projectmates: This is another capital construction project management software which is known for the way it automates the construction processes thereby facilitating collaboration and reducing construction expenses. Thus this software helps to enhance communication, boost accountability and also save time and money by offering a seamless platform from the planning to the building of a facility and also its maintenance thereafter.
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  • BuilderTREND: Built specifically for construction project people involved with remodelling or home building projects, this software offers features like project management and scheduling, customer management, services management etc. in one single compact module. Since it is web-based, it can be operated on from anywhere and everywhere making it easy to access and work on.

Other construction project management software include Deltek Ajera, Viewpoint, ShapeDo etc. Before opting for a project management software it is very important to understand all its features and characteristics. This enables people to understand the utility and relevance of a particular software to the work done by the construction company thereby ensuring that the two are in complete sync and complement each other.

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